SPUG: Closing a window from perl

Richard Wood wildwood_players at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 11 18:35:31 CDT 2000

Hi everyone,

I have a web page of database column names.  When you
click on one of the names, javascript's open()
function is called to open a new window and a perl
script is invoked to fill it.  


The perl script defines a frameset and then re-invokes
itself to fill the frame.


On the second pass through, the definition for the
column is retrieved from a file, put into a textarea
form field, a submit button is put on the page and the
whole thing is displayed quite nicely.  In this way,
the user can update the definition if they know a
better one.

Now my question.  How do I get rid of the dialog if
the user updates the text and presses the submit
button?  I get the text back into the perl program but
I can't figure out (or find documentation on) how to
tell the dialog to go away.  I figure I must have to
send some sort of HTTP response header to say,
"Thank-you very much but we won't be needing you
anymore", but how do you do that?


Rich Wood

Richard O. Wood
Wildwood IT Consultants, Inc.
wildwood_players at yahoo.com

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