SPUG: 4th of July Cruising Party

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Sat Jul 1 16:41:28 CDT 2000


In honou?r of our distinguished visitor's presence, and our annual
celebration of winning our independence from England, which freed us from
the dreaded "Road to Vegemite" followed by our friends Down Under, I'm
organizing a dinner party plus cruise for the night of the 4th.  (Short
notice, I know, but Hey!, I'm a very busy guy!)  The dinner party will be
in downtown Seattle, at a location to be determined near the waterfront,
starting at about 5:15.  By  6:30, we need to be at Pier 57, to board
an Argosy cruise ship that will navigate through the locks, and then sit
in Lake Union to view the fireworks from Gasworks Park from 9 to 10:45.
Then we take a bus back to downtown Seattle, arriving around 11:15pm.

Argosy currently reports having many seats still available for this
cruise ("The 7pm Locks Cruise"), but they could go quickly, so anybody
who wants to join in please call Argosy at 623-1445 to book your seat.
Their office hours are 8:30-6pm Sunday, and 7:30-7pm M-F.  (I just might
have one extra ticket myself at the last minute, so anybody who doesn't
get one keep that in mind.)

The price is $28, which is a real deal considering you're only paying
a few bucks more than the standard "Locks Cruise" (which is quite
interesting in its own right) for the fireworks viewing.  (I did inquire
about group-discount tickets, but the tiny concession they were offering
wasn't worth the additional administrative hassles.)

Also, those of you who want to attend the dinner party, please RSVP to
me, and if possible provide restaurant recommendations for the immediate
vicinity of Pier 57 (you can eat without cruising, if you wish).

In light of this development, I think we should forget about a separate
dinner party for 7/3, as earlier suggested.

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