SPUG: Report on SPUG->E(0)

Jamie Shaffer jshaffer at chronology.com
Thu Jan 27 17:12:52 CST 2000

> > 'Twas I. Unfortunately, I didn't actually do the embedding, I just became
> > responsible for re-compiling Perl 5 for it, including removing all the 'hard
> > coded' library paths, adding the DynaLoader, getting it to use the same
> > environment variables that the rest of our tool uses, and putting all changes
> > to the original Perl source under version control with happy make files for
> > 4 platforms. (NT, HPUX, Solaris, Linux)
> Yeah. Sure. Everyone knows this stuff inside and out. Yikes! Are you sure
> you wouldn't want to share all this in more detail at a SPUG? I'd show up
> (of course, I always do). I'm sure there's at least a few others too.

> I suspect there is someone much more knowledgeable about the actual
> embedding process out there in SPUG-land. However, if nobody else
> volunteers, I can try to trim that part out of our code base into a smaller
> working example for some far-future ESPUG meeting.

> Sure, but they're not paying attention to this list 'cause they're too
> busy hacking. I say go for it.

Okay, I'll start thinking about how I would put together something that
would make sense. Don't sign me up yet, though, 'cuz with the stuff going on
right now it wouldn't happen until summer.

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