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taliesin at speakeasy.org taliesin at speakeasy.org
Wed Jan 26 18:54:11 CST 2000

On Wed, 26 Jan 2000, Joe Slagel wrote:

>Does anyone have a ISP recommendations?  We're considering
>switching.  Any recommendations would be great!

I can unreservedly recommend Speakeasy for a personal ISP.... (they also do
business customers, but I don't know anything about that... if they're as
good on that end of the biz as they are on mine, though...)

Speakeasy started life as an Internet Cafe not too far from Pike Place.
They're still there, but they now offer dialup 56k in the Seattle area,
and Covad DSL in select cities nationwide (basically wherever Covad is).  
They give you a free 56k account when you sign up for DSL, which then 
converts to a 5hrs/month backup thingy for if you're on the road or 
the link is down.... Customer service is excellent, they're Linux-friendly, 
they have all sorts of FAQ's on how to set things up, including basic
DNS config if you have your own domain (they'll secondary for free if
you configure your own primary)..... I'm very happy.  Covad hardware is
an Efficient Networks SpeedStream 5620 hooked to my Linux box... I have
only had one downtime in almost a month of the service, and it was scheduled
and alerted to me by email almost 24 hours in advance (i.e. as soon as they
knew), and it was only 15 minutes.  They're hooked directly to the PNAP
here in Seattle, and access Sprintlink, AlterNet, Qwest, and everyone
else directly from there.  

They also have some gaming servers inside their local net, for those
interested in blowing things up, as well as a fairly extensive 
WinDoze shareware archive.  (Actually, they do have some Linux stuff 
as well, but it looks like it's mostly gameservers...  but hey, get 
a few folks around with DSL, set up a tourney on your own box, and
go at it.... no need to dedicate a box to the server, we have enough
horsepower to do both!)

http://www.speakeasy.net  they rock.  

YYMV, #include <std_disclaimer.h>

-- Glenn Stone
taliesin at speakeasy.org
(the .org is for personal accounts, you get .net for biz ones)

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