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You may also want to look at PCRE. PCRE is a library of functions to
support regular expressions whose syntax and semantics are as close as
possible to those of the Perl 5 language by Philip Hazel <ph10 at cam.ac.uk>.

I've seen it in the postfix distribution (in the official directory):


Don't know what the original source is, but it plays a pivotal role in
postfix's regex maps.

On Jan 24, 2000 @ 9:49pm, Ryan Forsythe wrote:

> > Maybe it'll help if you floated that piece of code you're working on, so
> we
> > can have a few 'extra pairs of eyes' look at it and give some suggestions
> on
> > how to write an effective code.
> i would, but it's a bit of a mess...and it's c. pretty much what i wanted to
> do was make a translation method for this object we had to make.  i wanted
> it to take in something like '3x^5 + 2x^2 + 4' and spit the coefficient and
> the power out into an array.  it would be incredibly simple if c had
> regexes.  but it doesn't, so i had to write this load of 'walk through the
> char array until you find 'x', then walk backward until you hit a space,
> sticking each char into a buffer array, reverse that array, tack on a /0,
> convert it to an int, stick it in the polynomial array then go back to the x
> and blah blah blah.'

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