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Ryan Forsythe twitch at webrocket.net
Mon Jan 24 17:58:32 CST 2000


i'm a comp. sci student who has to write in c++.  good for some stuff...but
it sucks big time on text.  this weekend i wrote a mountain of c (which
ended up not working) to do something i could have done in around five or
six lines of perl.

i'm not only complaining about c -- i do have a question: i was wondering if
anybody has used perl embedded in c, thought it was useful enough / fast
enough / generally worth it.  i remember something like that being alluded
to in the camel book, how perl was a friendly language which can embed / be
embedded in other languages.

comments?  suggestions? (other than tell my prof that i'll be writing the
rest of my assignments in perl...i doubt that would go over too well :)


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