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Andrew Sweger andy at n2h2.com
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Here is some information on the local watering holes near N2H2 from our
local expert.

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Well, you've come to the right person (you already knew that though) :)

My choices (in order):

1. Vito's is close - 9th & Madison. It's GREAT for after-work
beer/cocktails! Dark, swank, but you can wear whatever you want.
I like going there on a Friday nite. Lotsa red interior! 
Head up the hill, East on Madison and it's on the corner of 9th.
Excellent martini place.

2. There's also the Elephant and Castle. Just head North on 5th and
it's about 4 blocks up. That's nice for a large number of people
(so is Vito's though). Great for corporate and geeks alike. They
are nice to everyone there, and they know that geeky lookin' dudes
probably have some cash to throw down on good food and beer, so
they'll hook ya up. :) They have a pool table area too. It can be
reserved for large groups.

3. Rock Bottom is good if you want to go "standard corporate", but
not that creative of a choice. My favorite part- They have a lot of
cute, "perky" waitresses to objectify. hee hee.

4. Skuz-Mexican is just across the way at Mexico Lindo. I think
you've seen that place. Not sure who you want to impress, but
that's probably not the place to do it. I like it because it's
very non-intrusive (almost to the point of bad service). Bring
the Spanish dictionary.

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