greg heil gheil at uswest.net
Mon Jan 10 20:54:23 CST 2000

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX wrote:

> He doesn't call it a LLL at all, which if he had, would surely
 have raised the ire of Perl mongers everywhere.

Well, that would be a step towards consciousness raising;) But
he was right to try and shed more light than heat on the subject.

'spose we might see the authors wish list (available in languages
such as "Icon, Linda, Erlang, Haskell, Eiffel, and data-parallel
languages like J and Fortran-90"):

"True multi-dimensional data structures
 Tuple spaces
 Type inference
 Lazy evaluation
 Programming by contract"

... sometime before PERL 9? Or maybe just throw out some of the crust?

Personally i think the author was too hard on programmers.
i think it really is the managers who load the govenors on
bright inquisitive minds. If someone paid me, heavens i might
even program in COBOL or RPG! The way to riches, surely, would
be to be paid by the line and use a K to RPG sifter;-)

greg heil
mailto:gheil at scn.org

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