SPUG: Not again...

Steve Laybourn otter101 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 4 14:38:37 CST 2000

   OK, I can see that I am screwing up Perl in a major way.
   I suppose I should not have said that in the case of:

my ($ix)=shift;

   that @_[0] was equivalent to $_ (even though it did in an extremely 
limited sense for that statement only). I have been informed of my error.

   I have one more question that will doubtless irritate people even more...
   Search engines...
   Now, there are a couple of ways I have done this, none of them 
particularly good...

   One way was to use:


   for each element in the array. If a -1 was returned, no match. OK. It 
seemed like a rather inefficient way to do a search engine, but it works 
pretty darn good for locating what line in an HTML/Perl/C++ script (or 
scripts) something occurs.

   Another way was to use a regex:

if ($wossname[$x]=~ m/$searchstring/i) { &GizzaHit; } else { &NoHitz; }

   which seems to work quicker, but multiple words yielded too many multiple 
matching result strings, requiring another routine to filter out duplicates 
from the found list...

   The other way I recently learned was:

@hitz=grep(/$searchstring/, at array);

   which seems to almost work the quickest, except the duplicate matches 
really pile up quickly in this one...

   I know I sound like a total dweeb for asking this, but what is really the 
best and most efficient way to search an array (record-by-record, \n is the 
record separator) for a particular substring? And if there is no way to 
avoid temporary duplicate matches, what is the best way to clean them up 
other than a sort-and-pack loop?

   I'll just bet someone will be waiting for me outside the next SPUG 
meeting with a tar melter and a couple of dozen goose-down pillows...

   Oh well.
   Thanks again, everyone,
   Steve Laybourn

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