SPUG: Bad Function Names

Asim Jalis ajalis at beryllium.cobaltgroup.com
Thu Feb 24 18:56:39 CST 2000

This question was triggered by Bob Abarbanel's excellent ESPUG
presentation last night.

Suppose I am accidentally calling a function that I have not defined.
I have no desire to use AUTOLOAD. When I run the program it will keep
running until it encounters the function call and then after not being
able to handle it it will give me a run-time error.

The question is: Can I catch this at compile-time?

This would be nice to have because otherwise I keep worrying that I
might have typos in my code waiting to explode in production. Is there
a way to catch any of this at compile-time?

Here is an example:

--------------------cut here--------------------

use strict;
sub bad_hello {
  bad_function ("hi there from bad_hello\n");

sub good_hello {
  print ("hi there from good_hello\n");

my $date = localtime();
if ($date =~ /sun/i) { bad_hello  (); }
else                 { good_hello (); }
--------------------cut here--------------------

This program will compile and run all week and then crash on Sunday
because bad_function is not defined. Is there a way to have it crash
at compile-time so that this bug can be caught before Sunday?

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