SPUG: Installing Crypt, not su

Matt Tucker tuck at whistlingfish.net
Tue Dec 19 01:46:02 CST 2000

-- Joe Devlin <jdevlin at stadiumdistrict.com> spake thusly:

> The latest advice by the system administrators is that I should copy
> the modules from the install directory into myAccount/cgi-bin
> directory.  This has not worked properly.

You shouldn't need to do this if you have a proper 'use lib' line in your script. Ie:

use lib '/home/a/myAccount/lib';
use Crypt::DES;

> Does anyone have a suggestion about what next steps I should try?

If you're going to manually install Perl modules, you should do it properly. Maintain the complete structure, and copy the requisite shared libraries. Shared libraries are kept in a directory called 'auto' with a directory structure that mirrors that of the module loading the shared library. For Crypt::DES, you should have:


All this stuff could either go in cgi-bin or in /home/a/myAccount/lib, depending on how you want things set up. Just be sure to use the proper 
'use lib' directive (if it's not the same directory that contains the script), and provide the correct structure.

> line 62 of the code is
>	 use CBC;
>	 use DES;

This should be:

    use Crypt::CBC;
    use Crypt::DES;

...with CBC.pm and DES.pm placed in a directory called 'Crypt'. It's not absolutely necessary to maintain the mapping between filename and module, but it helps keep things from being confusing.
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