SPUG: Newbie problem with Win32::OLE

Johnston, Mark mark.johnston at pnl.gov
Tue Dec 5 12:17:24 CST 2000

I don't know if this might help, but MS Excel can read a file in HTML format and
save it in .XLS format.  If you create an HTML page with the data contained in a
<table>, then give the page a MIME type which the client machine can associate
with MS Excel (Microsoft automagically installs the type
"application/vnd.ms-excel" for Office 97), then that's all you have to do -- and
it bypasses the complication of what the proper CSV format ought to be.


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	>In a nutshell, I am importing some text files from Unix, "converting"
	>to .csv files. I then open the .csv files in Excel and "save as" Excel 
	>(.xls). The whole thing works great, except that when I open the 
	>.xls files, the data is no longer columnar (it is a single line
	I would recommend Text::CSV_XS for parsing/generating files in csv
	Try something like this (# added before each Perl line for clarity):

	# #!/usr/bin/perl -w
	# use strict;
	# use Text::CSV_XS;
	# my $csv = Text::CSV_XS->new( {always_quote=>1} );
	# my @arr = qw(one two three);
	# $csv->combine(@arr);
	# $line = $csv->string;
	# print $line,"\r\n";

	Setting always_quote to 1 ensures that every field is quoted, which
	allow all your Win32 apps to read the csv file.

	Your problem may be later on when you save the file in Excel. I have
	around with this somewhat, and it appears that different Win32 apps use 
	different formats for csv files. For instance, after I saved a file in
	format in Excel 98, it could not be imported as csv by Access 2000.

	On a side note, I would be interested if you have read and could point
me to 
	a spec for csv.

	Did that help?

	Adam Monsen

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