SPUG: Inline.pm for Windows!

B.Ingerson at epixtech.com B.Ingerson at epixtech.com
Fri Aug 25 17:47:09 CDT 2000


Thanks for the pointer. User's of Inline.pm on ActivePerl will need the
nmake utility *and* the cl.exe compiler. I don't suppose there's a place to
get *that* for free, is there?

Anyway, a free nmake is good for people who just want to install pure-Perl
CPAN modules on ActivePerl. Inline also works with Perl compiled under the
Cygwin porting layer, which is a free and complete Unix layer for windows.
It has the entire glibc, gcc, bash, etc.


lorraine at nw.saic.com (Lorraine Johnson) on 08/24/2000 10:02:03 AM

To:   B.Ingerson at epixtech.com

Subject:  Re: SPUG: Inline.pm for Windows!

Hi Brian,

If you're using Visual C++ just for the nmake utility, and not for some
feature of the IDE, then you can just download nmake from Microsoft.  (At a
much better price!)

Go to ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/Softlib/MSLFILES/ and scroll down to
nmake15.exe (~52k).  This is a self-extracting/installing executable, which
just puts nmake, an error log, and a readme file in whatever directory you
launch it from.  Fairly painless.



At 04:29 PM 8/16/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Inline.pm 0.23 works on the MSWin32 platform. You need Microsoft Visual
>Here's what I tested with:
>Windows NT 4.0 sp5
>Visual C++ 6.0 (w/ nmake utility) (This is what ActiveState uses to build

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