SPUG: More module ideas

Sanford Morton smorton at pobox.com
Wed Aug 16 16:28:46 CDT 2000

More E/Spug CPAN module ideas, as if you didn't have enough. I'll be
happy to donate any or all of my stuff, which can be found at
These are probably a bit different from other proposals. The first two
are already on CPAN, but there's lots more to do on all. 


  Chart::Plot is a Perl module that will create graphs of two dimensional


  Statistics::OLS is a Perl module that will perform ordinary least
  squares on two dimensional data and calculate some related bivariate


  cgidebug.pm allows a remote web server to launch an interactive X 
  terminal on your workstation with the perl debugger running on your 
  cgi script and the form data preloaded. 

A Tour of References, Modules and Objects 

  This is a quick tour of objects in Perl, including a couple of necessary
  prerequisites, references and modules. 


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