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John Cokos jcokos at ccs.net
Wed Aug 16 15:25:39 CDT 2000

>     Now for the fun part, making it work...... 

ugh ... PHP.

Sourceforge has hardcoded direct Image URLs to their servers
all throughout the .php sourcecode, so I'm having to manually
go through each file and make all of the image paths relative.

Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't be a big deal. But
they way they have this thing put together, there's html templates
stored inside the SQL database, so the image calls are comming
from there.  Further, they have their php code set to examine each
image to predetermine the proper height and width. Well, since
they have everything pointed from images.sourceforge.net, what
the php is trying to do is download each image to a tmp directory,
examine it, and then draw html with height and width tags.
If images.sourceforge.net was a real domain, that'd be peachy, but
it's only responding to requests originating from www.sourceforge.net
meaning we can't get to them.  And around the circle we go....

<Opinionated Rant>
   One of the things I hate about php (and .asp, and .cfm) is that
   when you depend on the server to parse and execute code within
   the pages, you not only stress the server, but you tend to get 
   strange results.   With normal .cgi you either get a page or a 500 err.
   With PHP, when a query bombs, or something else goes wrong
    (as with the image issue above), you get no error, just a page
    that loads forever, in an infinite loop, waiting for a response from
    a nonexistant server!
    Bash on CGI all you want, but atleast you can depend on it.
</Opinionated Rant> 

  John Cokos, President / CEO: iWeb Inc.
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