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Mon Aug 14 20:17:49 CDT 2000


Well better late than never.

I wanted to recap the events and postings leading up to tommorrow night's
SPUG-dev meeting. Here they are in chron-order. Read this and you should be
"in the know" for the kick-off. See you tommorrow.



7/14 Brian Ingerson
Inspired by the Dam-I-athon turnout of SPUGsters, I thought a good idea to
promote future attendance would be to start a collaborative CPAN module
development effort. I ran it by Tim.

7/14 Tim Maher
Tim said, "Make it so". He also suggested that although people could
participate through "The List", that major decisions/voting should happen
at the meetings, to encourage people to show up.

7/14 Tim Maher
Tim also says that he'll be handing out Damian's Quantum::Superpositions
summary papers as an extra August meeting incentive.

7/14 Tim Maher
Suggests having a one OO module group and one non-OO group.

7/14 Brian Ingerson
Applied for the CPAN author handle "SPUG". This would also give us the
email address "SPUG at cpan.org" which we could redirect to the email address
of our choice.

7/15 Brian Ingerson
Sent initial spug-list post to invite SPUG/ESPUG members to participate.

7/16 Andrew Chen
Asks how we intend to find a project suiting both Newbies and Gurus.

7/16 Andy Jacobs
Suggests a Perl editor or full IDE written in Perl (with Tk?)

7/16 PAUSE
The CPAN maintainers approve our author handle of "SPUG". SPUG at cpan.org is
set up to forward to spug-list at pm.org

7/17 John Cokos
Offers us the use of his servers for the development mailing list. He also
registers seattleperl.com. SPUG at cpan.org might be an alias for
cpan at seattleperl.com.

7/17 Lorraine Johnson
Seasoned programmer (but Perl newbie) excited to learn by working with
others on a real project.

7/17 Joe Devlin
Has written code worth donating in the past, but hasn't known the
procedures for getting it to CPAN.

7/17 Chris Cavnor
Confesses to using the mailing list regularly, but skipping the meetings.
Also offers to host a CVS repository for the projects.

7/17 John Cokos
Offers a SPUG a "windfall" of online resources including: a domain, a
web-forum for coders,  a search engine, web-space, and listserv software.

7/18 Barry Sharp
Suggests project: Multiple Paned Web Window to Collect multiple web windows
(URLs) and present them in a single web window much like a having many
frames on single micro fiche film.

7/18 Bill Alford
Notes that even list-lurkers will be able to contribute once in a while,
and that a collaborative dev effort makes for good lurking fodder.

7/18 Brian Ingerson
Promises this report by 7/21 :-)

7/18 David Patterson
Worries that too much of this will take place at the WSPUG location. (But
encourages *all* ESPUGgers to flock to the August kickoff meeting)

7/19 Bill Graham
Offers his "Perl/TK database browser/query tool using DBI" to SPUG as a
project to work on. (Generates much interest.)

7/21 Andy Sweger
Points out the existence of an "unsponsored project section" at
http://www.collab.net , which we could use to find project topics.

7/26 Brian Ingerson
Announces that Damian Conway has suggested that SPUG may get to carry on
the maintenance of one or more of his modules. One of the most promising
possibilities is LlamaCard.pm (a Tk/perl/XML based HyperCard look-alike)
written by on of his students, Aaron Wigley.

7/26 Tim Maher and Brian Ingerson
Encourage a rather modest project at first, to let us learn how to
coordinate the team-work (CVS? Damian's "Programming by Contract?") before
taking on something more challenging.

7/26 Terry Nightingale
Suggests a resource such as sourceforge.net to provide the necessary
coordination tools.

7/27 William Julien
Suggests project: module to facilitate the generation of a web based
calendar/scheduling system.

8/10 Brian Ingerson
Suggests the simpler projects One::Liner and Report::Bug as first project
ideas. One::Liner generates some interest.

8/11 Brian Ingerson
Posts an itinerary of goals for the kickoff meeting.

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