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Thu Aug 10 15:33:32 CDT 2000


OK. Well its time for me to start planning for next Tuesday's meeting. I'm
sending out a series of posts, starting with this one.

A lot of people have proposed ideas for projects. I'll give a summary in
another post. For now I want to present two of my own ideas. They are:


Both of these modules fit nicely into my criterion of a good first project.
Which are:
   General purpose (Not specific to Web, mod_perl, Tk or other Perl niches)
   Easily accomplished (Could easily get to CPAN in 1 month)
   Cross-platform (Unix/Win32)
   Useful (Will get us some popularity in the community)
   Is a module (One::Liner has a script as well)

The basic idea is that there are a whole lot of very useful Perl one-liners
out there, but usually you have to go look them up when you want to use
one. One::Liner stores a bunch of them and lets you access them with
mnemonics. It also ships with a command line script called '1' or 'one' or
'1_r' (pronounced "one-line-R"). To use ABIGAIL's famous regex prime number
generator, you would type:

one prime_number
1 pn

To just print the one-liner, use:

1_r -p pn

To see the author, use:

one -a primes

Each one-liner can have a few mnemonics (long, medium, short). One liner
would deal with MSDOS command line sytax as well.

Also, one-liners come in 2 categories: those that you can use from the
command line, and everything else (like perl poetry for example).
One::Liner would do whatever was useful for that one-liner.


Bug or Report::Bug
In my new module Inline.pm there is a feature that allows someone who
encounters a bug, to report it to me using the syntax:

perl -MInline=REPORTBUG myscript.pl

where myscript.pl is a script using Inline.pm. This causes a machine (Perl)
readable bug report to be produced, and prints instructions on where to
send it. The report contains all kinds of useful info, including:

Other modules used and their version numbers
The complete configuration of Perl on that machine
The internal state of Inline.pm at the time.

I would like to this made into a general purpose module that any module
writer can use. Later, we could develop tools for processing these reports
as well.

Choosing a short name like Bug.pm allows a syntax like this for the module

perl -MBug yourscript.pl


These are just my ideas. We will vote on all of the proposals at the


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