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Wed Apr 26 05:09:48 CDT 2000

Greetings ESPUGers-

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  Automating Websites using XML/XSLT On Wednesday, the 26th of April,
7:00 pm, Lucent Technologies in Redmond.

Asim Jalis, of the Cobalt Group will discuss Perl's XML::* packages and
demo some interesting things you can do with this package. XSLT provides
a way to manipulate XML data in the same flexible way that Perl's s///
manipulates flat text. This can be used to separate the logic and the
presentation of a Websites. The logic goes into Perl and the
presentation into your XSLT file.

After Asim's talk, you will be able to:
Create and maintain a website without writing HTML after the first time
Change the global "look-and-feel" of the website without changing the
Perl code.
Auto-generate HTML for IE, Netscape, and Virtual Reality browsers.
Auto-generate Makefiles and Perl code from XML data.

To get warmed up for the presentation, you should look at all the XML::
modules on cpan. Specifically, look at:
The Perl-XML Module List
XML::XSLT [ Documentation ] [ ReadMe ]
XML::Parser [ Documentation ]
XML::DOM [ Documentation ]
Perl XML Mailing List [ archive and subscription ] Processing XML with Perl
all Perl XML Documentation
PerlMonth - X Marks (up) the Language X Marks (up) the Language was a
regular feature in PerlMonth issue 3, 4, 5, and 6.

As always, email me if you have any questions.  Hope to see you there.

Ryan Erwin
ESPUG Emperor

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