SPUG: April Meeting: Files, and Perl 5.6

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Fri Apr 14 20:01:49 CDT 2000


It's good to be back in a country where you can taste the difference
between Beer and Ginger Ale, and where a gallon of suntan lotion lasts
more than a fortnight for a "bluey" (redhead) like me! 8-} (Seriously,
we had a great time in Australia, despite the fact that I've been deaf
in one (throbbing) ear since spending a day chasing some pretty fishies
along a stretch or the Great Barrier Reef.  But I digress . . . )

Thanks to Emperor Ryan for keeping the momentum going for the "Damian
Conway" visit in my absence; I expect to be able to announce the actual
dates and topics of his E-SPUG presentation(s) in the near future,
along with another surprise or two.

Heading "Back to the Future,"  Colin suggested that a topic even more
scintillating than the Cookbook's "File Access" chapter might be the new
features of the latest Perl release, which leads to the following
announcement of a slightly altered agenda for next week's meeting (which
alas I won't be able to attend, due to some domestic on-site training).

Have a good meeting, and remember, we're still accepting volunteer
speakers for the May and June meetings! 8-}

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SPUG, the Seattle Perl Users Group, will meet on April 18th (3rd Tuesday)
from 7-9pm, in the 5th floor meeting room of the Union Bank of California
Bldg. in downtown Seattle.

In Part I of his presentation, Colin Meyer, of EpixTech, will field
questions about the "File Access" chapter of the Perl Cookbook.

In Part II, he'll describe and demonstrate some of the new features of
Perl 5.6, covering topics such as the following:

	* overview of new documentation shipped with perl
	* brief discussion of utf8 
	* overview of lexically scoped warnings
	* using exists() and delete() with arrays 
		(makes Perl more complete)
	* using subs as lvalues
	* using advanced regexes
		(recursive, if-then-else ... maybe others)

Admission is free and open to the general public.  Attendees are
encouraged to arrive at the building's 5th & Madison door by 6:45pm,
which might be impassable at other times.


Parking is available in an underground garage beneath the building,
at the price of $4 for the entire 4pm - 11pm period. Additional
parking is available at other ground-level lots and on the street.

Pre/Post-Meeting Gathering Place

Come and pass the pre-meeting time with other SPUGsters at the
Rock Bottom brewpub, at 1333 5th Ave., (206) 623-3070, in
downtown Seattle.  Look to your left, near the bar or pool table,
for bizarre yet strangely appealing characters wielding laptops
and hearty ales.

For more information, including driving directions and street
addresses, see http://www.halcyon.com/spug/.

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