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Check out the ESPUG website for all the

Automating Websites using XML/XSLT On Wednesday, the 26th of
April, 7:00 pm, Lucent Technologies in Redmond.

Asim Jalis, of the Cobalt Group will discuss Perl's XML::*
packages and demo some interesting things you can do with
this package. XSLT provides a way to manipulate XML data in
the same flexible way that Perl's s/// manipulates flat
text. This can be used to separate the logic and the
presentation of a Websites. The logic goes into Perl and the
presentation into your XSLT file.

After Asim's talk, you will be able to:
Create and maintain a website without writing HTML after the
first time
Change the global "look-and-feel" of the website without
changing the Perl code.
Auto-generate HTML for IE, Netscape, and Virtual Reality
Auto-generate Makefiles and Perl code from XML data.

To get warmed up for the presentation, you should look at
all the XML:: modules on cpan. Specifically, look at:
The Perl-XML Module List
XML::XSLT [ Documentation ] [ ReadMe ]
XML::Parser [ Documentation ]
XML::DOM [ Documentation ]
Perl XML Mailing List [ archive and subscription ]

What do I hear about Damian Conway?   Damian Conway, author
of the excellent book, Object Oriented Perl will be coming
to ESPUG. Tim Maher, founder of SPUG and CONSULTIX (Unix and
Perl Training) arranged for Damian's visit. Kathy Lebarron
from Neoinformatics is sponsoring Damian's visit.

The date is currently set for Wednesday, July 5th, and
tentatively, Thursday, July 7th. The topics for Damian's
presentation are still being discussed so if there is
something that you would like to hear Damian discuss, cast
your vote by sending an email to vote at with your
suggestions for the meeting. Also, be sure to subscribe to
spug-list at so you don't miss any discussion.

<Damian Conway>

While I'm in Seattle I intend to do some sight-seeing, but
I'm also happy to spend some time visiting academic
institutions or other local Perl-using organizations. I'd
also consider running (paid) tutorials, if any company there
were interested.
</Damian Conway>

Please Reply to me Ryan, ryan+vote at to cast your
vote for the following:
* choose a meeting topic: OO, parsing, natural language
processing, programming language design, **Coy**, etc.
Papers for the this years TPC are off limits 8-}
* would you be interested in meeting on both Wednesday and
Thursday? If we do meet 2 nights, we might want Damian to
present his paper from YAPC two weeks earlier: "Quantum
Superpositions and the First Virtue"
* if not two meetings, which one is preferable?

Just Copy the text between the 2 lines into your message and
insert your response. Why or earth does the ESPUG website
not have some nice little form submission here? Because
SPUGGERS of all kinds are *very* busy 8-}


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