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S ED fen_land at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 2 17:23:29 CDT 1999

Hi Ryan-

I took Perl Programming through continuing education at BCC.  It was more 
than $295 I think, but I assume we are talking about the same class.

I have mixed feelings about the class.  It was not hands-on at all.  Lame.  
There was homework, which I had fun trying and occasionally failing at.  The 
value I got from the class was the repetition of things that I was reading 
and trying to get a grasp on.

I would not say that I did not learn anything.  But I wish I had read the 
description better and fully understood that it was not hands on.  Let me 
tell you, listening to 3 hours at a time of Perl is sometimes tedious, 
depending on the subject.

If you can find a hands on class I would recommend you go for that.  For a 
cheaper Perl class, the BCC class adequate I suppose.  I found that the 
homework did provoke me to ask some good questions of my personal Perl 
advisor - the lately-silent Andrew.

I believe I got a nicely bound, orange covered book of all the slides (yes 
this a PowerPoint dominated presentation).  I think I got the O'Reilly Perl 
Programming, although the class was targeted towards one of those Perl in 2 
week type books.  In fairness, the Perl in 2 week type book is good for the 
programming illiterate - it defines EVERYTHING.

The instructor was a good public speaker.


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