SPUG: Perl IIS and Out of Memory error.

Padden, Greg Greg.Padden at metrokc.gov
Fri Oct 22 13:51:08 CDT 1999

Hi all, hope you can shed some light on my problem.

I'm converting a perl bulletin board script over to a NT box running IIS and
use the CGI.pm module for the first time..

When I run the following script, and after I enter the subroutine
process_post, I get an  "Out of memory"??? error on the output page.

I have sucessfully opened and closed the same file in a previous subroutine
using the code:


   my @filecontent = <BULLFILE>;

Does anybody know why I get the out of memory error?  

sub process_post {

print start_html('Processing Post');
print "poster=".param('poster_name')."=<P>";
print "subject=". param('subject')."=<P>";
print "post_body=". param('post_body')."=<P>";
print end_html;

my $date = strftime('%D',localtime);

my @filecontent = <BULLFILE>;

print start_html('done with loading');
print "<P>Done with loading=<P>";
print end_html;

} # end of new_post subroutine

Greg Padden
Network Engineer, MCSE
King County Department of Infomation and Administrative Services
(206)263-4804 Fax:(206)263-4834

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