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According to Barry Sharp:
> This subject is certainly generating a lively discussion,
> right? Well then, let me make some stupid suggestions and see
> what alternative juices others might have. I'm taking a
> chance here I suppose as I've never attended a SPUG meeting
> other than attend Tim's marvelous Perl class in Bellevue.

You got that right ... on both counts! 8-}

> In order to make it worth a persons time/effort to travel
> to the SPUG (I take it the 'S' stands for Seattle -- how
> parochial -- should it have been PSPUG for Puget Sound --

SPUG was never meant to serve the Perl programmers of Fife, Enumclaw, or
Aberdeen, just those of Greater Seattle.  Also, regarding recognition of
our name by Perl Mongrels nationwide, your average public-school educated
American knows what a Seattle is, but probably thinks a "Puget Sound"
is the noise made during vomiting.

Most importantly, the SPUG acronym allows lots of cool expansions:

	Society for the Protection of Ugly Gerbils
	Society for the Prevention of Unusual Growths
	Silly People Undressing Gingerly
	Stop Purveying Underware to Grandmothers
	Slobs Perverts Ushers Grotesques	 (still working on this one!)
	Start Peeking Under Gates
	Start Peeking Under Gates
	Sell Pencils Until Gone
	Synchronized Polished Universal Gymbal
This is fun!  Come to think of it, everybody submit their creative
	expansions to me, and we'll post the best ones in a 
	TMTOWDI section of our web page!

> well let's not get into that one for now) one might
> want to make the meeting place ATTRACTIVE -- to most that
> is. So how about we all meet at Bill Gate's mansion -- NO,
> I'm just kidding -- does MS use Perl -- do we have any
> clout with Bill?

Yes, and no!

> If traffic and/or parking is a problem what about SUNDAY.
> +ive=Very little traffic and parking is free downtown I believe.
> -ive=It's SUNDAY for heavens sake.

The places of business that have what we need and gives us free rent
are only available M-F, unfortunately.

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