SPUG: Speakeasy logisitics

Kenneth W. Meyer kmeyer at aa.net
Thu Oct 14 17:48:00 CDT 1999

Regardless of my reservations, I would like to support the Speakeasy, which I think is a neat establishment; and I could even ride a bus directly down there myself, but that wouldn't work for many, I suspect.  The capability that site would provide for trying some virtual meeting capability for the transportationally challenged, whether NetMeeting or other medium, is really attractive to me (DSL connection), as I would really like to find out whether this capability is really practical, or whether it is still just a curiousity.  I don't think that live TV is absolutely necessary (though it would be nice).  Just the ability to see the slides and any scratchings on the white board, and of course the audio, would be fine by me.

- Kyot

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On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Kenneth W. Meyer wrote:
> Thanks for the response.  "Again" suggests that I have not read every
> message pursuant to this discussion; sorry.

No biggie, just want to make sure everyone understands what was offered.
I was the original person to query Speakeasy, and was explicit about
what our needs were.

Regardless... parking in Belltown is a bear, no two ways around that! =(

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