SPUG: RE: Hosting SPUG meetings

Barry Sharp barry.sharp at boeing.com
Thu Oct 14 17:29:58 CDT 1999

This subject is certainly generating a lively discussion,
right? Well then, let me make some stupid suggestions and see
what alternative juices others might have. I'm taking a
chance here I suppose as I've never attended a SPUG meeting
other than attend Tim's marvelous Perl class in Bellevue.

In order to make it worth a persons time/effort to travel
to the SPUG (I take it the 'S' stands for Seattle -- how
parochial -- should it have been PSPUG for Puget Sound --
well let's not get into that one for now) one might
want to make the meeting place ATTRACTIVE -- to most that
is. So how about we all meet at Bill Gate's mansion -- NO,
I'm just kidding -- does MS use Perl -- do we have any
clout with Bill?

If traffic and/or parking is a problem what about SUNDAY.
+ive=Very little traffic and parking is free downtown I believe.
-ive=It's SUNDAY for heavens sake.

We could determine the geographic center for all 278 people
on the SPUG mailing list that provides equal driving distance
for all -- Hmmmmm, that might place us in Lake Washington! Plus
this might be more than we care to have to calculate and folks
would have to be honest about their driving distances, right?

We could elect to hold meetings in Seattle for first six
months of year, then on the Eastside for the remaining ones!
Of course, a finer grain alternative could be adopted such as
switching every three months.

Sooooooo, what do you think, and I hope I've not been too
irresponsible with this posting -- I'm simply trying to reach
closure on this difficult subject -- Tim must be tearing his
hair out right now. Maybe Thor can come to the rescue and
provide some advice -- does Thor talk, and does he give advice?

Anyhows, back to work for me now.

Regards... Barry Sharp

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