SPUG: Re: Hosting SPUG meetings

El JoPe Magnifico jope-spug at n2h2.com
Wed Oct 13 14:50:21 CDT 1999

Unfortunately, it works both ways.  Many of those of us who work in
downtown Seattle rely on buses, rather than driving.  So to get out
to a meeting on the Eastside, we have to first take a bus home, 
then drive out to the Eastside... two hops, versus the single-hop
drive-straight-from-work that I'm guessing (but have absolutely no
numbers for =) is predominant among those who work on the Eastside.
Taking this into account, it takes just as long to go to the Eastside.

Yes, in a perfect world, a few people who park downtown would carpool
the downtowners directly to the Eastside, making it a single hop.
But you try coordinating that. (seriously! write a carpool scheduling
CGI app, prove me wrong, and win the adoration of your fellow downtown

Alternatively: What are the costs and risks of having two subgroups?
Are we big enough yet to support a split?  Ooo, I can just see it now...
SPUG vs. EPUG deathmatch!   *Johnny Bravo-style karate chop*

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, Mike Tidwell wrote:
> like to express an opinion for the eastside as well.  I-405 at 7pm is
> alot better off than I-5, from what I've seen these last two months,
> especially when sports or other events take place.

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