SPUG: Re: Hosting SPUG meetings (fwd)

Dave Campbell campbell at geospiza.com
Wed Oct 13 14:53:34 CDT 1999

Having seen all the messages on this subject go flashing past, I am
curious as to how the final decision will be reached.  Is this in
essence a 'vote' for a site, or is there an organizing committee that
will ultimately decide?

Personally, I began to salivate when I saw the original post about the
Lucent facilities.  Free, great facilities, easy parking, etc.  Assuming
there are no issues of shuttling people in and locked elevators, I don't
see anything not to like.  It does fit the site profile described in
Tim's posts.  I've never been to the Speakeasy, but a
restaurant/bar/cafe (whatever it is) will certainly have ulterior
motives in allowing a group to hold meetings there.  Will there be a one
drink minimum?  Will we be bothered by noise or bother others?

Since we are confessing our sins, I live in Bellevue and work in
Seattle.  Either East or West side is pretty convenient for me.  I think
the eastside has more parking and is somewhat easier to get to from
across the water.  The westside is probably closer to more people.  Flip
a coin!


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