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After a few weeks of begging and arm-twisting, one SPUG old-timer and two
SPUG newbies capitulated (I mean volunteered) to lead enough Cookbook
talks to see us through the Rest of the Millennium.  So those of you
who asked for "Cookbooks for Christmas" last year will enjoy most of
the value of those presents before too much longer!  The details follow.

As usual, anyone interested in presenting a talk on any other Perl-related
topic is welcome to pitch a proposal to: spug at halcyon.com.

Also, we're still looking for a new hangout for next year; the list of
desirable attributes is reproduced at the end.  If you think you have
a suitable location, contact us at spug at halcyon.com.

OCTOBER MEETING (10/19): Array Cookery

Colin Meyer (cmeyer at zipcon.net), a Seattle-based web developer, will
lead a discussion on Chapter 4 of the O'Reilly Perl Cookbook, entitled

NOVEMBER MEETING (11/16): Hash Recipes

Bernard Wacher (bwacher at acm.org) is a technical consultant for the
MAXIM Group, an international IT services provider.  He'll be leading a
discussion on Chapter 5 of the O'Reilly Perl Cookbook, entitled "Hashes".

DECEMBER MEETING (12/21): Pattern Matching

Dean Hudson (dean at ero.com) will lead a discussion on Chapter 6 of the
O'Reilly Perl Cookbook, entitled "Pattern Matching".

*In each case, attendees are strongly encouraged to read the Cookbook
chapter beforehand and bring their questions to the meeting.


The official meeting is from 7-9pm, followed by an optional meeting
over adult beverages at a nearby facility.  Our regular meeting place
is currently at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC),
in Room D1-084 (right behind the security desk at the main entrance).

Check out the map at:
http://www.fhcrc.org/admin/facilities/facplan/facinfo/maps.html, for
the big picture, and then click on South Lake Union for a closer view.
The main entrance is via the Thomas Building, which is marked as under
construction, but it's now finished.  The visitor's parking lot is marked
(next to building 10).  The address is officially 1100 Fairview Ave. N,
but the main parking lot is at the end Ward St.


Our run at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center comes to a close
with the end of the Millennium, so we are looking for new quarters,
starting with our January 2000 meeting.  We encourage our members to
ask their employers about donating meeting space to SPUG!  Anyone with
a lead on a possible meeting room for up to 25 individuals, from 7-9pm
one night per month, please contact Tim Maher.


Minimum Requirements:
	easy highway access
	accommodation for up to 25 persons
	central to high-tech work locations
		(Seattle, Mercer Island, Bellevue)
	near restaurants/bars for post-meeting meetings

	free and ample parking
	free access to meeting room (no escorts)
	phone line
	Overhead Projector & Screen

Even Better:
	computer with Internet access
	data projector
	comfy chairs

Pie in the Sky:
	Free Beer
	Hot Tubs
	Free shuttle service to Rooftop Heli-Pad

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