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We're rapidly approaching the point where we'll have to make a decision
about our meeting place for January, 2000, and thereafter.

Our options have changed somewhat since the last posting about this
topic; sadly, we've learned that we are no longer welcome at Fred's
Cancer Center, even if we do fork over the $100/night, due to our
lack of "medical relevance"  (Didn't anybody notice that I wore a
Swedish/Ballard inpatient wristband to the September meeting?  What more
does it take? 8-} )

In my view, Fred's was our best Seattle option, especially since we even
had company sponsorships lined up to pay the bills.  Ah shucks . . .

Looking forward, the following is the list of our current meeting options.
As you'll see, we currently have only ONE choice for Seattle proper,
which is the controversial SpeakEasy cafe (very popular with those living
in the condos next door and/or working downtown, (Hello, Jennifer McM!),
less attractive to the larger population worried about driving to and
parking in that location.)

I'd like to see another Seattle option on this list before we cast our
ballots!  Someplace where we don't have to worry about getting
through locked exterior doors, or access to locked-out floors from the
elevator, after 7pm, and with good parking choices.

Anybody able to offer us a Seattle location like this?  If so, please
contact me ASAP.

For the record, here's the current List of Meeting-Place Choices:

	SpeakEasy, Downtown Seattle
		(unattractive driving/parking conditions?)
	Lucent, in Redmond (520 and Redmond Way)
		ultra-fancy conference room, but pretty far East
	Maxim Group, Bellevue (520 and 108th exit)
		small conference room (15 seats), maybe larger available
	A Chicken-Coop in Woodinville 
		deluxe ($50/night - might be a problem)
	ATL-Philips Ultrasound (Advanced Technology Labs)
		522 and I405 in Bothell; details to follow
	Fluke, Everett; details to follow


Minimum Requirements:
	easy highway access
	accommodation for up to 25 persons
	central to high-tech work locations
		(Seattle, Bellevue/Kirkland, or Mercer Island)
	near restaurants/bars for post-meeting meetings

	free and ample parking
	free access to meeting room (no escorts)
	Overhead Projector & screen
	telephone line access (for laptop/Internet connectivity)
	low charge ($$) to use facility

Even Better:
	computer with Internet access (via DSL, etc.)
	Data Projector (for computer screen)
	comfy chairs
	NO charge ($$) to use facility

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