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David Waring dwaring at nwsr.com
Fri Jul 30 00:18:49 CDT 1999

I happen to know a good deal about these positions, and since I am not a
recruiter I will tell all. REI is looking for several, and don't mean 2 or
3 programmers for the online store(s) www.rei.com and its friends
rei-outlet.com and japan.rei.com. I have been meaning to post but have not
gotten around to it. An I have not been able to make the SPUG meetings

I have been on the online team for more than a year, we are doing well, and
growing FAST. Most new code is being written in Perl now, we will be
starting to bring in Java (server side) soon. We work with both DB2 and
Oracle databases in Unix only site. (IBM AIX). Any experience with IBM's
Net Commerce would be great but not necessary.

We are a profitable online store  with VERY BIG plans for the future. We
are not the flashiest of sites (our pages must be viewable by OLD
browsers), and we are a coop so there are no stock options available. But
is a very friendly group, work environment is excellent and the benefits
are very good.

I am more than willing to talk, or write to any serious applicants.

David Waring
dwaring at rei.com
but use my home address
dwaring at nwsr.com
because I will soon be on PAID paternity leave.

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