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Bradley E. Young byoung at citylinq.com
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> i see quadrillions of ads for Perl jobs none of which
> say anything about whether the company sell turtle friendly
> coffee beans or assault grenade launchers.

Right.  I'd like to know what my job responsibilities are *really* going to
be, not just "interfaces with team members and management to drive win-win
solutions in a fast paced, do-it-yourself, team-focused environment."

I understand that some companies may not want that information released to
the public, due to the project not being announced, etc.  In this case, it
should be just, "The customer asked that this remain confidential;  we can
give you this information after receiving a quart of your blood and this

I'd also like to see the company name.  This makes things much easier to
deal with when you're dealing with multiple recruiting companies.

All in all, I'd love to see this list blossom (or maybe jettison) into a
list where companies can bring contract projects, and list members can bid
on a per project or hourly basis.

I'd really like to see a co-op that takes the place of all the headhunting
agencies, but we all have dreams =).


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