SPUG: undef a list of variables?

Andrew Sweger andy at n2h2.com
Thu Aug 26 01:27:11 CDT 1999

On 08/24/99 @ 15:06, the infamous Michael Leary wrote:

:} part of the reason for using "use varw qw($yada $blah)" for variables I didn't
:} real want to have around after the method call in the first place had to do
:} with warnings about variables becoming unshared in named subroutines.
:} Anyone dealt with 'unshared' warnings when using 'my' variables and named
:} subroutines within methods, and come up with something better?

There's no 'unshared' warning that I know of, but these are two that I
occasionally encounter under mod_perl. Which of these two errors are you

	Variable $yada may be unavailable


	Variable $yada will not stay shared

I'm guessing the latter if you're using named sub-subroutines as you
suggest. Are you defining subroutines inside of subroutines or running
stuff under mod_perl?

Unless you're trying to work with closures (anonymous code refs can
trigger 'em) or use any of Damian Conway's cool method encapsulation
tricks, you shouldn't be running into this (blasted mod_perl being the

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