SPUG: "ncurses" talk tonight, + speaker payoffs

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Tue Aug 17 14:14:16 CDT 1999

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Just a reminder, tonight at 7pm, at the usual place (Fred's Cancer
Center), Elf Sternberg will be talking about the "ncurses" library,
used by lynx, menuconfig, and other character-terminal-oriented


As a special treat, all attendees who have previously been featured
as SPUG speakers will receive for free, and at absolutely no charge,
but only if they want to, and while supplies last, but subject to
availability, a SEMI-VALUABLE LINUX-RELATED ITEM (non-downloadable),
courtesy of Caldera Systems.

		    SPEAKER-"WannaBe's" APPLY NOW!

Oh, by the way, those wishing to join the exclusive community of
former SPUG-speakers may still apply, as I am keeping a few openings
free for the next wave of volunteers, such as the 9/21 meeting,
for which I'm proposing coverage of the Cookbook chapter on Arrays,
and the 10/19 meeting, for which I'm proposing the Hashes chapter
(but other suggestions are welcome).


You don't have to be a world-class expert on a topic to lead the
meeting on it, because our friendly attendees are easily pleased
and always get much more than their ($0.00) money's worth out
of each and every meeting.  However, if you put in a significant
amount of preparation prior to your meeting, as most of us do,
you'll certainly end up knowing a lot more about the topic than
you did before.  And so will many of those who attend your talk! 
In fact, that's why we do this!  And you might even earn a
semi-valuable prize for your efforts (no guarantee though).

-Please, one at a time - don't all charge forward at once! Give me
air! 8-}

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