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Fri Aug 13 14:03:03 CDT 1999

Ryan Forsythe <ryan2 at webrocket.net>, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>i was wondering what everybody out there uses for perl decelopment
>(okay, let's narrow it down -- what do you use if it isn't emacs or
>vi?).  specifically, do you know of anything better for linux than the
>text editor for kde (which just colors all the different elements of the
>script, like all the variables are blue and all the strings are red,
>stuff like that).

Why not emacs?  I find it works really well.  I use cperl mode which
highlights and indents automatically for me.  If I think it's indented wrong
then I've made an error.  The syntax coloring is very useful.  I've also 
got help from perlfunc at my fingertips.  Finally to debug, I can run it 
through perl -cw or use the perl debugger interace into emacs.  Works
great.  There's supposed to be a Perl class browser available for emacs
but it hasn't been important enough for me to look for it.

I'm actually using XEmacs 20.4.  I haven't gone to XEmacs 21 yet.

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