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Fri Aug 13 11:18:15 CDT 1999

--On Fri, Aug 13, 1999 1:57 AM -0700 Ryan Forsythe <ryan2 at webrocket.net>

     > i was wondering what everybody out there uses for perl decelopment
     > (okay, let's narrow it down -- what do you use if it isn't emacs or
     > vi?).  specifically, do you know of anything better for linux than
     > the text editor for kde (which just colors all the different
     > elements of the script, like all the variables are blue and all the
     > strings are red, stuff like that).

I use gvim, which supports syntax highlighting, and a little script I wrote
which pipes the buffer through 'perl -c', determines the line number of any
errors, and puts a comment containing the error on the line above the

The comments begin with the string '#PLCK: '

I can then seach for the comments in the file and fix all the errors. When
the script is run again, it strips out error comments which no longer apply.

Jim Flanagan         Collective Technologies
jimfl at colltech.com   http://www.colltech.com

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