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Hello, world! This is Simon Cozens, www.perl.com managing editor,
bringing you the latest goings on from the world of Perl and our
own site.

* Perl at large.

It's been a bit of a quiet week, as Easter fast approaches.  Elaine
Ashton, however, has been very busy. Some time ago, she approached
Sun Microsystems asking if they'd like to donate some hardware to
the CPAN search facility, search.cpan.org. They said yes, and so
Elaine took some days out this week to make the long drive over to
Sun's place in California to pick up the hardware and bring it to
its home in St. Louis. As a result, you should notice that
search.cpan is now quite definitely faster than ever. Thanks a
million Elaine, and thanks also to the good folks at Sun, especially
Andrew Roach, Tim Sparlin and Alan Burlison.


Perl 6 fans will be glad to know that Damian is currently putting
the finishing touches on the latest Exegesis, which we hope to
bring you next week.

* What's new on www.perl.com?

The other major Perl story this week has been the release of
CPANPLUS, a replacement for the trusty CPAN.pm module for
installing distributions from CPAN. CPANPLUS aims to be a modular,
extensible, clean rewrite, which one day hopes to replace CPAN.pm
in the Perl core. Here to tell us about it is the original creator
and overseer of the project, Jos Boumans.


I'm heading away for an Easter break for the next week, but perl.com
will not sleep! Depending on how Damian's getting on, we'll either
be bringing you his Exegesis, or the next installment of our ongoing
mod_perl series.

Enjoy, and have a good holiday!


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*** Featured Articles **

For many years the CPAN.pm module has helped people install Perl
modules. But it's also been clunky, fragile and amazingly difficult
to use programmatically. Jos Boumans introduces CPANPLUS, his
project to change all that.



mod_perl in 30 minutes
This week, Stas Bekman shows us how to install and configure
mod_perl, and how to start accelerating CGI scripts with



A Perl Hacker's Foray into .NET
We've all heard about Microsoft's .NET project. What is it, and
what does it mean for Perl?



Introducing AxKit
This is the first in the series of articles by Barrie Slaymaker
on setting up and running AxKit. AxKit is a mod_perl application
for dynamically transforming XML. In this first article, we focus
on getting started with AxKit.


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