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Hello, world! This is Simon Cozens, www.perl.com managing editor,
bringing you the latest goings on from the world of Perl and our
own site.

* Perl at large.

There's some bad news from Sys Admin magazine--The Perl Journal is
unfortunately no more. Apparently, all magazines are suffering from
problems raising ad revenues, and TPJ is no longer worth their while
to produce. However, never fear: The Perl Review is still with us,
and Randal Schwartz points out that his Perl columns in Sys Admin
will still be running.


Two pieces from YAPC::Europe: First, if you're bringing a non-Perlish
partner to the conference, he or she may be interested in the Munich
walking tour being organised; Perl widows should contact Richard
Foley to sign up. Second, if you're going to the conference and
have a local Perl Monger group T-shirt (like the Tatooine, Sunnydale,
and Ankh Morpork Perl Mongers), then you're invited to bring a
spare for auction to raise funds for YAS.

     mailto:Richard.Foley at t-online.de

* What's new on www.perl.com?

Piers Cawley is here as usual, bringing us more news of regular
expression shenanigens, a rogue version of the Parrot interpreter,
and more Perl6y goodness!


And Sean Burke, the author of O'Reilly's latest Perl offering, Perl
& LWP, takes us through a few LWP recipes: getting documents
from the Web, the LWP class model, adding request headers, sending
and storing cookies, posting to forms, and much more.


Simon Cozens
<simon at oreillynet.com>

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*** Featured Articles ***

Cooking with Perl and LWP
LWP is a group of Perl modules that lets you access data on the
Web. Because there are so many LWP modules, it's hard to know
where to look for information on doing even the simplest things.
This article offers sample recipes for performing common tasks
with LWP, by the author of Perl & LWP.



This week on Perl 6 (week ending 2002-08-18)
Much ado about regexes, a pirate parrot (it had to happen),
and more.



One of the most requested features for Perl 6 has been multiline
comments. Jos Boumans goes one step further, and provides the
feature for Perl 5. He describes the current hacks people use to
get multiline comments, and explains his Acme::Comment module,
which now supports 44 different commenting styles.



This week on Perl 6 (week ending 2002-08-11)
Arrays, Garbage collection, keys (again), regular expressions on
non-strings, and more.



Proxy Objects: Building Garbage Collected Circular References
How do you manage to have circular references without leaking
memory? Matt Sergeant shows how it's done with the Proxy Object



This week on Perl 6 (week ending 2002-08-04)
More ops, JIT v2, Regex speed, and more.


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