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Thu Aug 1 10:37:00 CDT 2002

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Hello, world! This is Simon Cozens, www.perl.com managing editor,
bringing you the latest goings on from the world of Perl and our own

* Perl at large.

Well, all the good news this week comes from the Open Source
Conference, so let's start off with the ActiveState Active Awards.
Congratulations especially to Matt Sergeant, who won the People's
Choice award for both Perl and XSLT. Matt's the driving force
behind Perl's XML support and applications, and he's also the
creator of AxKit, the Perl XML application server. The ActiveState
employees chose Andy Dougherty for their Activator's Choice award,
for nearly ten years of dilligent pumpkinging.


And speaking of pumpkings, we have two new ones! Chip Salzenburg has
returned to Perl development and has taken on the formidable task of
keeping 5.005 up to scratch; he's currently working on the mythical
5.005_04 maintenance release. Michael Schwern has stepped up to the
plate to accept the pumpking for a maintenance release of Perl 1,
of all things. Expect a release of Perl 1 building on all modern
operating systems Real Soon Now.


And finally, all the fun of the Perl conference for those who couldn't
make it: Nat Torkington, Leon Brocard and Rael Dornfest have been
making movies...


* What's new on www.perl.com?

Stas Bekman's back this week with an explanation of how to make the
best use of your shared memory in mod_perl servers. Tuning the
maximum memory size, number of requests per server and number of
server processes is the key to an efficient mod_perl service, and
who better than Stas to explain how to do it?


Unfortunately, we can't bring you the Perl 6 summary quite yet, as
our regular summarizer, Piers, has had some bad news recently.
Hang in there, Piers, we're all thinking of you.


Simon Cozens
simon at oreillynet.com

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best use of it? Stas Bekman explains how to optimize Apache and
mod_perl for the most efficient memory use.



Improving mod_perl Sites' Performance: Part 3
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benchmarking and memory measurement tools to perform worthwhile
optimizations on mod_perl programs.



This Week on Perl 6 (8 - 14 Jul 2002)
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A Test::MockObject Illustrated Example
Test::MockObject gives you a way to create unit tests for
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XSH, An XML Editing Shell
In this month's Perl and XML column on XML.com, Kip Hampton
introduces XSH, an XML editing shell, which Kip suggests should
become a part of your XML tool kit.



Continuing our look at AxKit tag libraries, Barrie explains the
use of SimpleTaglib and LogicSheets.


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