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Hello, world!

This is Simon Cozens, managing editor of www.perl.com, here to
bring you the week's news and developments both in the Perl world
and on our own site.

* Perl at large.

I've long argued that POE is one of the most interesting and useful
Perl modules around; unfortunately, I've also conceded that it's
one of the most difficult to understand. Thankfully, Matt Cashner
is working on solving that, and has come up with POEd - the POE
documentation project.  It's still in its early stages, but worth
checking out:


Matt Sergeant, Perl's de facto XML God, has produced something
which should make other XML acolytes whoop with delight: XML::SAX
is a parser-independent interface to SAX, and contains a pure-Perl
SAX parser. Robin Berjon is working on an Expat back-end to it,
and Matt is also planning on a LibXML version. But thankfully, the
whole point of XML::SAX is that you don't need to worry about
what's going on under the hood. (Think AnyDBM.) This is a huge
shot in the arm for Perl's XML support; nice one, Matt.


And finally, this week I'm on the road again - after an enjoyable
weekend talking about Parrot, art, and many other things with the
crowd at BSD Con Europe, I'm currently in Boston getting ready
for the Lightweight Languages conference at MIT.

This is an opportunity for people from the academic community to
get together with some of the lead developers of Python, Perl, Tcl
and the like, and to discuss the future of dynamic languages. Dan
Sugalski and I will, naturally, be there plugging Parrot, but
it'll be a lot of fun to meet up with our opposite numbers in the
other leading languages.


* What's new on perl.com

Last week, I said we'd be bringing you articles about the interface
between Perl and bioinformatics; we kick off with an article from
the author of O'Reilly's new book, "Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics."
James Tisdall explains how he uses Perl to parse and manipulate
the data from the Dictionary of Protein Sites and Patterns, along
with some discussion of why Perl is the ideal language for


"Web services" is a big buzzphrase around O'Reilly and around the
rest of the Net these days, especially with Microsoft's .NET
vision. But what does it mean? Put simply, it's computers using the
web to talk to other computers instead of talking to people. For
instance, one of the coolest web services I've seen is O'Reilly's
own Meerkat service, created by Rael Dornfest. This takes feeds
from a whole host of IT news sites, and turns them into an
integrated news ticker. The technology behind this is RSS, the
Remote Site Summary XML schema. Chris Ball shows us how to get
started with RSS, by turning an external news site into an RSS
feed using the XML::RSS Perl module.



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*** Featured Articles ***

Parsing Protein Domains with Perl
James Tisdall, author of O'Reilly's Beginning Perl for
Bioinformatics, shows biologists how to program in Perl
using biological data, with downloadable code examples.



Creating RSS
Chris Ball shows us how to turn any ordinary news site into a
Remote Site Summary web service.



XML::LibXML - An XML::Parser Alternative
Kip Hampton discusses XML::LibXML, a capable, updated alternative
to Perl's venerable and venerated XML::Parser.



Object-Oriented Perl
How do you move from an intermediate Perl programmer to an expert?
Understanding object-oriented Perl is one key step along the way.


O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference
January 28-31, 2002, Tucson, AZ

Hear from Lincoln D. Stein, Ewan Birney, Gene Myers, Terry
Gaasterland, James Ostell, James Tisdall, and many more.
ACT NOW to save over $500 on conference registration.
Offer ends December 7, 2001

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