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Hello, world!

This is Simon Cozens, managing editor of www.perl.com, here to
bring you the week's news and developments both in the Perl world
and on our own site.

* Perl at large.

Perl has most certainly been at large over the past week, with the
hosting of another successful Yet Another Perl Conference. If you
were lucky enough to attend, I don't need to tell you how great it
was; if, however, like me, you weren't able to make it, the best
way to experience the goings-on has been to read the journals about
it on Use Perl and listen to the recordings of the talks. There's a
lot to download, but it's a seriously cool resource for those of us
who didn't manage to make it to the conference. (Incidentally,
thanks to Gnat for recording the talks.)


As you might expect, the major focus of the conference has been
Perl 6.  Unfortunately, Larry was unwell and unable to make the
conference (you'll be glad to hear that he's a lot better now) so
Damian's keynote explained the history of Perl 6, some of the
decisions that have been taken already and gave us an overall sense
of how the language is looking. Damian's been a great influence on
the language design of Perl 6, and a great help to me personally
when I come to him with incessant inane questions about trivial
points of syntax. :) There are very few people who can stand in for
Larry in a presentation, but Damian did it wonderfully.

There was also two hour "town meeting" on Perl 6, with Nat Torkington
explaining his views on how Perl 6 was progressing in terms of the
social reconstruction of the Perl community. Kirrily "Skud" Robert
also spoke up to push the need for coding standards and porting of
the standard Perl library to Perl 6. This theme was taken up in the
CPAN and modules Birds-of-a-feather session.

The other big feature was the "apprenticeship hour". This had people
come along and discuss ideas in search of implementors. Gnat took
the opportunity to launch his "Python Friendship Project", whereby
we're all supposed to make friends with a Python hacker and show her
that we're not all completely evil (well, most of us aren't) - and
also realise that they're not completely evil either. He also
proposed some "killer apps" for Perl.

You can look at the schedule for the talks from the conference
website, and photos are available from Rich Bowen's site:


* What's new on www.perl.com?

Carrying on the YAPC news, Schuyler Erle *was* lucky enough to go,
and brings a report on the conference's proceedings as our feature
article this week:


I've wrested back control of the perl5-porters summaries from Leon
Brocard just for a week; he'll be stepping in again for next week
as I head off on holiday. This week, we've seen updates to make
Perl compile more cleanly without warnings, and a lot of work on
the Darwin (Mac OS X) port; Artur's brave struggle with ithreads
continues, and Dave Mitchell astounds us all with a brilliant feat
of documentation.


Over to Perl 6, Bryan Warnock brings us this week's news: a big
debate on the relationship between Unicode and regular expressions,
syntax for supporting relational database access, and work on
defining the core structure of the Perl 6 interpreter. And speaking
of Perl 6 interpreters, I released one. Perhaps you'd better read


Enjoy, and I'll see you in a couple of weeks!


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Yet Another YAPC Report::Montreal
Schuyler Erle gives a detailed report of all the exciting events
at this year's Yet Another Perl Conference in Montreal. By his
account, it appears to be an exciting time to be involved with
the development of Perl.

Parse::RecDescent Tutorial
Parse::RecDescent is a recursive descent parser generator
designed to help to Perl programmers who need to deal with any
sort of structured data, from configuration files to mail
headers to almost anything. It's even been used to parse other
programming languages for conversion to Perl. Jeff Goff explains
what Parse::RecDescent does, how to build up grammars, and how
to use Parse::RecDescent in your programs.

The Beginner's Attitude of Perl: What Attitude?
Robert Kiesling says that the Perl Community's attitude towards
new users is common fare for Internet development and compared
to other lists Perl is downright civil.

Using CGI::Application
The Common Gateway Interface may well be the backbone of many web
applications, but sometimes it can feel dry and monotonous to
work with. If you're fed up with "my $query = CGI->new()",
Jesse Erlbaum presents a kinder, gentler alternative.

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