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          www.perl.com update
The Email for www.perl.com Subscribers

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Greetings, perl.com subscribers.

This is Schuyler Erle, web hacker for the O'Reilly Network,
and it is my honor and pleasure to bring you the latest
www.perl.com newsletter.  So, without further ado, here's what's
new in the world of Perl.

* Perl at large.

For a while this week, it was starting to look like the biggest
news in Perl was that there wasn't any news. Still no word on the
status of the Perl Journal, hardly a peep about Perl 6, and the
latest on Perl 5.6.1 for a while had been that we weren't going to
see it any time soon. However, a whole bunch of exciting things have
cropped up, just in the last couple of days.

First, Chris Nandor has recently taken charge of maintaining MacPerl,
and has already produced the first development release of
MacPerl 5.6.0. You can get the latest word on MacPerl at:


Next, just when we started to fear that maybe 5.6.1 might languish
forever in beta, Gurusamy Sarathy has just this Wednesday morning
announced to the perl5-porters list that "Thanks largely to Jarkko's
help, the second trial version of perl v5.6.1 is now available....
If this release passes muster, I will update perldelta.pod and send
it to CPAN as v5.6.1." Go, Sarathy! By the time you get this message,
the trial release has probably already reached your local CPAN mirror.
Try it out, and send in those doc patches and bug reports!

Also, Damian Conway has announced some of the first fruits of his
indentured servitude to the Perl community. One such product is the
brand-new Regexp::Common, a module that "stores or generates commonly
needed regular expressions," including: Balanced parens; delimited
text (with escapes!); numbers in any base up to 36; comments in C, C++,
and, of course, Perl; and more. Conway also has plans to extend
Regexp::Common to include E-mail addresses, mail headers, telephone
numbers, and that's just the beginning. More information on Damian
Conway, and his community-subsidized doings, can be found on the
Conway Channel at:


Finally, Elaine Ashton is seeking ideas and contributions for the
CPAN documentation section. She writes on use.perl.org that "Since
the /doc directory on CPAN is about as fresh as 5.004 is, we are
currently thinking of things to bring this up to date and add more
things the community might find value in." Find out more at:


If you can help, and perhaps thereby render a service to the whole
Perl community, please contact cpan at perl.org.

* What's new on perl.com?

This week, Paul Kulchenko shows us how to take the pain out of
Remote Procedure Calling, using with SOAP::Lite module. SOAP::Lite
provides a simple but flexible interface to SOAP, an XML-based RPC
protocol. Building on SOAP::Lite, Paul shows us how easy it can be
to access objects and execute procedures remotely using Perl.


Also, once again, the inimitable Simon Cozens brings us up to date
on the latest progress in the march toward Perl 5.6.1, with his
weekly perl5-porters digest. If you don't know much about the insides
of the Perl interpreter or where they're headed, Simon's p5p digest
is a great way to start getting your feet wet.


* A Fond Farewell.

Speaking for everyone at www.perl.com and the O'Reilly Network, I'd
like to wish a fond goodbye to Mark-Jason Dominus, who is departing
after over a year as www.perl.com's Managing Editor. Mark-Jason has,
in my opinion, done a wonderful job bringing www.perl.com into the
twenty-first century, and the site won't be quite the same without
his technical insight and caustic wit. We sincerely wish Mark-Jason
all the best, and we eagerly anticipate bringing you his first
feature article as Editor Emeritus. Good luck, Dominus!

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, comments, or other issues of
an editorial nature, you can contact our very own Chris Coleman,
at ccoleman at oreilly.com.

Until next week, fair Perl hackers! We now return you to your
regularly scheduled E-mail.


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Quick Start with SOAP
An introduction to SOAP::Lite, a module that provides simple yet
flexible interface to SOAP, a popular XML-RPC protocol. Using
SOAP::Lite, Perl scripts can access objects and execute
procedures on remote servers, and also serve SOAP objects and
procedures over the 'Net.

Creating Data Output Files Using the Template Toolkit
Dave Cross explains why you should add the Template Toolkit to
your installation of Perl and why it is useful for more than
just dynamic web pages.

A Beginner's Introduction to POE
Interested in event-driven Perl? Dennis Taylor and Jeff Goff show
us how to write a simple server daemon using POE, the Perl
Object Environment.

Article: Beginners Intro to Perl - Part 6
Doug Sheppard shows us how to activate Perl's built in security

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