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Hello, world!

This is Simon Cozens, managing editor of www.perl.com, here to
bring you the week's news and developments both in the Perl world
and on our own site.

* Perl at large.

Chris Radcliff's written an interesting book on "Perl for the Web",
and has graciously made it available on his web site. My first
thoughts were that there's a lot more talk than code, but it's
important talk. If you want to hear about publishing XML, how web
services work, and how Perl web applications scale, this is a good
thing to read.


While we're on the subject of free tutorial-type things on the web,
Tim Maher has been similarly gracious with his "Minimal Perl for
the Impatient". This set of slides teaches a tiny subset of Perl
which is still extremely useful. As Larry has often said, it's
officially OK to program in a subset of Perl, and this is a good
subset to start with:


And another one! This time, John Keiser provides the missing
documentation on how to mix C++ and Perl:


In terms of development, there's good news from the Mac world;
Matthias has fixed some bugs, and now the Mac:: modules will work
in the next MacPerl 5.6.1 alpha release:


And finally... sick of getting spam? Set Eliza on them...


* What's new on perl.com

There is no Perl 5 Porters summary this week, although we do hope
to bring you the next edition of Larry's Apocalypse and Damian's
Exegesis later this week.

Bryan Warnock, however, is here as usual, bringing us the latest
from perl6-internals and perl6-language.


This week's feature article is one I'm very pleased to bring you,
and one I encourage everyone to read. We've all, at some point in
our web development lives, written some kind of templating system.
Then we've found out about the myriad of systems available on
CPAN: HTML::Template, HTML::Mason, embperl, and so on. At the
Perl Conference, Perrin Harkins gave us a grand tour of the different
modules out there and how they compare. He's written his thoughts
and findings down into an article which should help you choose the
best templating system for your needs.



The O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer and Web Services Conference
September 18-21, Washington, DC, Omni Shoreham Hotel

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Hazel--learn about XML-RPC, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, Freenet, Jabber.
100 sessions to choose from.

Choosing a Templating System
Perrin Harkins takes us on a grand tour of the most popular text
and HTML templating systems.



This Week on Perl 6 (12 - 18 August 2001)
Modules, work on the internals, language discussion and more...



Tired of seeing your web server logs fill up with Code Red error
messages? Reuven M. Lerner shows us how to write an Apache module
to notify system administrators about Code Red 2 attacks.



Yet Another Perl Conference Europe 2001
A review of this year's YAPC::Europe in Amsterdam.



This Week on p5p 2001/08/15
POD specification, Unicode work, threading and more!



Quantum::Superpositions rocked the Perl world, as it provided a
way to get more than one thing done at once. (in constant time.)
Quantum::Entanglement goes yet further, using solid quantum
physics theory to get an infinite number of things done at once.
To tell you more would be to spoil the surprise, but the module's
author, Alex Gough, tells us what it is and how it works...


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