[Rehovot-pm] Rehovot.pm yesterday

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 00:43:51 PST 2010

Yesterday, we had a very good talk by SawyerX about Dancer with some
interesting discussions. Then I showed my 1.5 projects based on Dancer
and I hope this will generate a few patches for Dancer and some of its plugins.

Sawyer will also help me eliminate a large chunk of the code I wrote
as there are
easier ways to do all that.

Unfortunately we were only 5 of us there.
After the talks 4 of us (Ilan, Dotan, SawyerX and myself) went to a Cup'O'Joe
(we left Jaime working in the office) and had a nice chat till 11 pm.
My only trouble
was that even with the separation of the smoking area all of my cloths
are smoked now.

We decided that we will try to organize such meetings even without the
talks and
probably in Tel Aviv. This might work well (or not) with my idea of the
once a week hacking in pub.
I'll let you know about this if we meet so others can join.


Gabor Szabo

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