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Peter Gordon peter at pg-consultants.com
Fri Dec 4 05:08:18 PST 2009


You want to write a program that access a number of web sites

Let's suppose that there are 1000 sites to be accessed and depending on
the site, different actions need to be taken. 

Writing a program for each type of site and forking them is the obvious
and probably easiest solution. If there are more than a few sites,
forking becomes very expensive and slow. 

One solution is to only have a single thread, open all the sockets in
that thread and then process them, each according to it's own logic.

And now for the problem you asked on perlmonks. Reading between the
lines, I assume that Padre needs to run a debugging perl session in the
background and interact with it. If that is the case, there you could do

Open a server socket in Padre and wait for socket events.
Run perl in debug mode with RemotePort defined as an option. If you look
at perl5db.pl you will find a description and the implementation. 
Now you should be able to interact with it.



On Fri, 2009-12-04 at 11:16 +0200, Gabor Szabo wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 11:00 AM, Peter Gordon <peter at pg-consultants.com> wrote:
> > Would there be interest in a lecture on Asynchronous IO with Perl?
> > It would include an introduction to non-blocking sockets and IO::Lambda.
> Could you give us use-cases? Who needs this and when?
> BTW will that be able to provide a solution for this?
> http://perlmonks.org/?node_id=810674
> Gabor
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