[Qatar-pm] Fwd: Qatar Perl Mongers

Nigel Gourlay ngourlay at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 21:58:06 PST 2007

Very odd reply from a well--known perl advocate (who will remain
nameless). If he'd never been out of his own country, I could believe
he was just a bit scared of travelling to the gulf, but he's a
cosmopolitan liberal guy, who should know better.

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Quoting Nigel Gourlay:
> If I could arrange sponsorship to cover your travel, would you be
> interested in speaking to Qatar.pm? I have a spare bed in my house,
> and Qatar is an ideal country to visit if you'd like to see the Middle
> East, but want to avoid the shooting :)

Oops, I meant to reply to this mail ages ago. Sorry about that.

It's a kind offer, but I don't want to support a muslim country (or
any other country run by religion) by visiting it. I realise it's not
a particularly strict muslim country, but I'd still feel very
uncomfortable going there.

So I'm going to have to turn down your invitation. Sorry about that too.


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