[Purdue-pm] Problem with she-bang and PERL5OPT

Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Thu Nov 20 19:27:25 PST 2014

Mark:  Your link from stack overflow is exactly the one I got my program idea from.  The best answer — marked up 10 times — was from March 2010 so I thought that it would be correct.   It is interesting that the ‘Zed’ you quoted who said the solution doesn’t work posted his comment only 5 hours ago.  This stack overflow link is something to keep an eye on to see if someone counters ‘Zed’.

Others:  Yes, I know that setting PERL5OPT outside the program will carry through.  That isn’t possible in my scenario — executing Perl programs via Apache (the only real reason to use taint in the first place) unless we make all programs use taint.   If someone has a suggestion on how to run individual web programs using taint I am all ears.  Or if people think that I should turn on taint for all of our web programs — not a bad idea — then speak up … just be aware that Dave is already gnashing his teeth over my recent suggestions; I’d hate to see it get worse.  :-)

As for /bin/env vs. /usr/bin/env … on RCAC the latter is a link to the former.  Ergo at least on the RCAC system the former is the “real” program.  Perhaps for Linux as a whole this is not true but I have what I have and portability per se is not a big concern for us aside from Solaris to Linux.  I will keep the /bin/env vs. /bin/usr/env in mind.

Rick Westerman
westerman at purdue.edu

> On Nov 20, 2014, at 9:04 PM, Mark Senn <mark at ecn.purdue.edu> wrote:
> Rick Westerman <westerman at purdue.edu> wrote on 2014-11-20 at 14:52
> From all I have read the following program should work:
> |  #!/bin/env PERL5OPT=-T perl
> |  
> |  warn 'Taint mode is '.(${^TAINT} ? 'on' : 'off');
> |  
> |  # End
> |  
> |  But when I run it, at least on the RCAC and on the Genomics systems, the
> |  program just hangs.  Take away PERL5OPT and it works.  Put in '-w'
> |  instead of '-T' and it fails in the same manner.  Quoting does not seem
> |  to matter.  Just running from the command line:
> |  
> |  /bin/env PERL5OPT=-T perl program.file
> |  
> |  Works fine.
> |  
> |  I am mystified. Anyone have an idea?
> From
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2528959/how-do-i-set-the-taint-mode-in-a-perl-script-with-a-usr-bin-env-perl-sheba
>    You cannot actually specify a variable in a shebang with
>    /usr/bin/env. Doing so will cause env to execve itself in an infinite
>    loop, never even getting to the command requested. I tested this against
>    both Linux and FreeBSD. – Zed
> Rick, I got the sme results with these scripts that you got with yours
>    #!/bin/env /bin/cat
>    hello there
> and
>    #!/bin/env TEMPVAR=hello /bin/cat
>    hello there
> (I wanted to try it with something simpler than perl.)
> -mark

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