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Hmm. No new Perl books, but a couple of Perl jobs.  And an article.

High Performance Asynchronous IO Applications


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Subject: Newsletter from O'Reilly UG Program, November 10
Date: Friday 10 November 2006 10:42 am
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We have some good news to announce. We've just increased the user group
discount to 35% off all books and PDFs. The discount code stays the
same--DSUG. And don't forget we still offer free shipping for orders in
the US of $29.95 or more.

If you have any questions about this discount, the UG program, or need
to request books for your group, just send me an email.


O'Reilly UG Program News--Just for User Group Leaders
November 10, 2006
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General News or Inquiries
***Putting together a Holiday Gift List for your December Newsletter?
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And don't forget our new iPod and digital photography books.

***Help--We need oreilly.com and Amazon Reviewers
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O'Reilly News for User Group Members
November 10, 2006
New Releases
-40 Digital Photo Retouching Techniques with Photoshop Elements
-40 Digital Photography Techniques, 3rd Edition
-Automating InDesign with Regular Expressions
-A Grammar of Game Play
-The Book of Python
-Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Application
-Configuring Juniper Networks NetScreen & SSG Firewalls
-CRAFT: Volume 01
-CSS: The Definitive Guide, Third Edition
-Essential CVS, Second Edition
-Fast Guide to Propellerhead Reason, Third Edition
-FISMA Certification & Accreditation Handbook
-Google Talking
-How to Build an RSS 2.0 Feed (PDF)
-Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, Third Edition
-Inside the Machine
-iPod: The Missing Manual, Fifth Edition
-Just Right Software Planning & Estimation
-Kismet Hacking
-Learning MySQL
-LINQ: The Future of Data Access in C# 3.0 (PDF)
-Mastering Landscape Photography
-MySQL Cookbook, Second Edition
-Network Monitoring with Nagios (PDF)
-Network Security Assessment
-Network Security Hacks
-O'Reilly Radar Web 2.0 Report
-Rails Deployment
-Rails for Java Developers
-Saving Money and Time with Virtual Server (PDF)
-Scanning Negatives and Slides
-SQL Hacks
-Web Scripting Little Black Book
-Windows Admin Programming with Visual C# 2005 Little Black Book
-MAKE & CRAFT Magazine Subscriptions
Upcoming Events
-Julieanne Kost ("Window Seat"), The May Gallery, St. Louis, MO
-Julia Wilkinson ("The eBay Price Guide"),29th Annual National Press
 Club Book Fair, Washington, D.C--November 15
-Visit O'Reilly at OpenCON 2006, Venice, Italy--December 2-3
-Stephen Johnson ("Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography"),
 Professional Image Editing Workshop, Pacifica, CA--December 2-5
-O'Reilly Digital Media Authors at Book Passage,
 Corte Madera, CA--January 7
-Julieanne Kost ("Window Seat") Project: Photoshop Lightroom
 School Tour
-Peter Krogh ("The DAM Book") ASMP/It's Your Business Event Series
-Eddie Tapp ("Photoshop Workflow Setups") Pro Tips Tour
Conference News
-Registration is Open for the 2007 Emerging Telephony Conference
-Speak at RailsConf
-You Choose: PDF or Print--More O'Reilly Titles Available in PDF
-Web 2.0 Summit Media Coverage
-Call Yourself a Programmer?
-User Group Members Receive a Special 30% Discount on
 O'Reilly Learning Courses
-Work for O'Reilly
-Getting Started with WSGI
-Open Tools for MySQL Administrators
-Developing High Performance Asynchronous IO Applications
-Inside Aperture--Community for Serious Photographers
-Top Ten Aperture Features
-Winners of the Photoshop Cook-Off Contest announced at PhotoPlus
 Expo 2006
-Making a Smooth Move from .Mac to Google
-Text Tricks and More Text Tricks
-Creating Visual Studio Project Templates
-Top 10 Tips for Using Windows PowerShell
-Advanced Java Content Repository API
-Scaling Enterprise Java on 64-bit Multi-Core X86-Based Servers
-Demystifying LDAP Data
-OpenBSD 4.0: Pufferix's Adventures
-Ken Milburn Unplugged
-Deke McClelland on Software
-MAKE Podcast: Colin Berry reads Spinout
-Django Jumpstart: Build a To-Do List in 30 Minutes
-Bullet Proof HTML: 37 Steps to Perfect Markup
New Releases--Books, PDFs, and Rough Cuts
Get 35% off books from O'Reilly, No Starch, Paraglyph, PC Publishing,
Pragmatic Bookshelf, SitePoint, Syngress, or YoungJin products you
purchase directly from O'Reilly.

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***40 Digital Photo Retouching Techniques with Photoshop Elements
Publisher: Young Jin
ISBN: 8931433700
This easy to follow, full color guide shows all digital photographers
how to make their photos look their best with dozens of well-organized,
hands-on techniques. Readers learn how to change or replace a color,
enhance faces, fix burred images, correct poor exposures, create a
 slide show and more.

***40 Digital Photography Techniques, 3rd Edition
Publisher: Young Jin
ISBN: 8931433697
Digital Photography has truly reached the masses, and with this
friendly, full-color guide new users can immediately start having fun
with their digital cameras. It provides dozens of tips for taking
 better pictures and getting creative with digital photography at a
 remarkably affordable price.

***Automating InDesign with Regular Expressions
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596529376
If you need to make automated changes to InDesign documents beyond what
basic search and replace can handle, you need regular expressions, and
 a bit of scripting to make them work. This Short Cut explains both how
 to write regular expressions, so you can find and replace the right
 things, and how to use them in InDesign specifically.

***A Grammar of Game Play
Publisher: Paraglyph Press
ISBN: 1933097159
In this sequel to his bestselling and award-winning book, master game
designer Raph Koster now takes on the inner workings of how games are
expertly designed by professionals. Using the latest thinking from game
studies as well as years of experience, games are broken down and
revealed as models of reality.

***The Book of Python
Publisher: No Starch Press
ISBN: 1593271034
"The Book of Python" begins with a discussion of Python's programming
environment, then moves on to more advanced topics, including object
oriented programming, interacting with operating systems, creating GUIs
and database interfaces, network programming, XML, web programming, and
much more.

***Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Application
Publisher: SitePoint
ISBN: 0975841955
This practical hands-on guide for first-time Ruby on Rails programmers
will show you exact how you get started, from installing the required
software on your computer to the intriciacies of Ruby syntax.

***Configuring Juniper Networks NetScreen & SSG Firewalls
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1597491187
Configuring Juniper Networks NetScreen & SSG Firewalls is the only
complete reference to this family of products. It covers all of the
newly released features of the product line as highlighted by Juniper
Networks, including Deep Inspection, Integrated Intrusion Prevention,
Centralized, policy-based management, Virtualization, Built-in high
availability and Rapid Deployment.

***CRAFT: Volume 01
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596529287
"Craft" is the first project-based magazine dedicated to the
 renaissance that is occurring within the world of crafts. Volume 01,
 the premier issue, features 23 projects with a twist! Make a
 programmable LED shirt, turn dud shoes into great knitted boots, felt
 an iPod cocoon, embroider a skateboard, and much more.

***CSS: The Definitive Guide, Third Edition
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596527330
Updated to cover Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft's vastly improved
browser, this new edition includes content on positioning, lists and
generated content, table layout, user interface, paged media, and more.

***Essential CVS, Second Edition
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596527039
This easy-to-follow reference shows a variety of professionals how to
use the Concurrent Versions System (CVS), the open source tool that
 lets you manage versions of anything stored in files.

***Fast Guide to Propellerhead Reason, Third Edition
Publisher: PC Publishing
ISBN: 1870775279
This in-depth guide, now in it's third edition, takes you through every
separate Reason device, including the analogue-style SubTractor synth,
the amazing Malstrom Graintrable synth, the two easy-to-use sample
players, the funky Dr:rex loop player, the vintage-style ReDrum drum
computer, the versatile Combinator, powerful MClass effects and the
quick and simple sequencer.

***FISMA Certification & Accreditation Handbook
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1597491160
All US federal agencies must certify and accredit all systems and
applications prior to putting them into operation. This is the only
 book that instructs IT Managers to adhere to federally mandated
 certification and accreditation requirements.

***Google Talking
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1597490555
Are you tired of running a dozen programs to stay in touch with the
people you care about? Are you looking for a way to call back home,
without spending an arm and a leg? Then you need to read Google
 Talking! Discover the "Google way" to instant message your friends,
 with the power of voice and text! Make calls from your computer to any
 phone in the world!

***How to Build an RSS 2.0 Feed (PDF)
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596529384
This Short Cut will give you the hands-on knowledge you need to build
 an RSS 2.0 feed. Along the way you'll learn not only the mechanics of
 building a feed, but industry-accepted best practices for creating
 feeds that perform well in various situations. Are you ready? Roll up
 your sleeves, crack open a text editor, and let's build some feeds.

***Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, Third Edition
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596527349
This edition of the classic primer on web site design and navigation is
updated with recent examples, new scenarios, and new information on
 best practices.

***Inside the Machine
Publisher: No Starch Press
ISBN: 1593271042
Written by the co-founder of the highly respected Ars Technica site,
this book begins with the fundamentals of computing, defining what a
computer is and using analogies, numerous 4-color diagrams, and clear
explanations to communicate the concepts that form the basis of modern

***iPod: The Missing Manual, Fifth Edition
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596529783
This new edition thoroughly covers the redesigned iPod Nanos, the video
iPod, the tiny Shuffle and the overhauled iTunes 7. Each page sports
easy-to-follow color graphics, crystal-clear explanations, and guidance
on the most useful things your iPod can do.

***Just Right Software Planning & Estimation
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
ISBN: 0977616622
This book won't bore you with theoretical parametric models or tedious,
tree-killing paperwork-heavy processes. Instead, you get practical,
no-nonsense guidance for estimating and planning your software
 projects, mining techniques that work from both "sides" of the
 methodological boundaries.

***Kismet Hacking
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1597491179
"Kismet Hacking" focuses specifically on the use of the Kismet wireless
tool for Linux users. This book covers everything a reader would need
 to know about Kismet, from the basic installation for the new user to
 advanced topics such as creating Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems.

***Learning MySQL
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596008643
"Learning MySQL" provides all the tools you need to set up and design
 an effective database. This richly detailed tutorial will help you
 design scalable and flexible databases, create powerful queries using
 SQL, and configure MySQL for improved security.

***LINQ: The Future of Data Access in C# 3.0 (PDF)
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596528418
Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is Microsoft's new technology for
powerful, general purpose data access. In this Short Cut you'll learn
about LINQ and the proposed C# 3.0 extensions that support it.

***Mastering Landscape Photography
Publisher: Rocky Nook
ISBN: 1933952067
Thirteen essays on landscape photography by master photographer Alain
Briot. Topics include practical, technical, and aesthetic aspects of
photography to help photographers build and refine their skills.

***MySQL Cookbook, Second Edition
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 059652708X
You'll find dozens of short, focused pieces of code and hundreds of
worked-out examples that are perfect for programmers of all levels who
don't have the time (or expertise) to solve MySQL problems from
 scratch. The new edition covers MySQL 5.0 and the older but still
 widespread MySQL 4.1.

***Network Monitoring with Nagios (PDF)
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596528191
With this Short Cut guide, we'll go over how Nagios fits in the overall
network monitoring puzzle. We'll also cover installation and basic
usage. Finally, we'll show you how to extend Nagios with other tools to
extend functionality.

***Network Security Assessment
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1597491012
This book is unique in that it details both the management and
 technical skill and tools required to develop an effective
 vulnerability management system. Business case studies and real world
 vulnerabilities are used through the book.

***Network Security Hacks
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596527632
This second edition of "Network Security Hacks" offers 125 concise and
practical hacks, including more information for Windows administrators,
hacks for wireless networking, and techniques to ensure privacy and
anonymity, including ways to evade network traffic analysis, encrypt
email and files, and protect against phishing attacks.

***O'Reilly Radar Web 2.0 Report
(Limited review copies available)
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN 0596527691
"O'Reilly Radar's Web 2.0 Principles and Best Practices" lays out the
answers—the why, what, who, and how of Web 2.0. It's an indispensable
guide for technology decision-makers—executives, product strategists,
entrepreneurs, and thought leaders—who are ready to compete and prosper
in today's Web 2.0 world.

***Rails Deployment
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
ISBN: 0978739205
This book will help you sleep better at night, knowing that your
application can handle anything that gets thrown at it. Come away with
the knowledge of how to optimize your Rails projects for speed and

***Rails for Java Developers
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
ISBN: 097761669X
If you are a Java programmer, you shouldn't have to start at the very
beginning. You already have deep experience with the design issues that
inspired Rails, and can use this background to quickly learn Ruby and
Rails. This book will be your guide to this new, but not strange,
 territory. <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/097761669X/>

***Saving Money and Time with Virtual Server (PDF)
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596528019
This guide is aimed at network administrators who are interested in
 ways that Virtual Server 2005 can be implemented in their
 organizations in order to save money and increase network
 productivity. It contains information on setting up a virtual network,
 virtual consolidation, virtual security, virtual honeypots, and more.

***Scanning Negatives and Slides
Publisher: Rocky Nook
ISBN: 1933952016
The most common software tools for scanning (SilverFast, VueScan,
NikonScan) are not only covered extensively in the book, but are also
provided on a CD along with other useful tools for image editing, as
well as numerous sample scans.

***SQL Hacks
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596527993
"SQL Hacks" offers 100 hacks--unique tips and tools--that bring you the
knowledge of experts who apply what they know in the real world to help
you take full advantage of the expressive power of SQL. You'll find
practical techniques to address complex data manipulation problems.

***Web Scripting Little Black Book
Publisher: Paraglyph Press
ISBN: 1933097191
The Web Scripting Little Black Book will help administrators take full
advantage of the most popular scripting languages and extensions,
covering topics such as automating Web pages and managing content,
database setups and automation, essential e-commerce scripts, user
support topics, securing scripts, FTP access, and much more.

***Windows Admin Programming with Visual C# 2005 Little Black Book
Publisher: Paraglyph Press
ISBN: 1933097205
The book covers a wide range of important Windows admin tasks from file
management to network management to backup and security. The hands-on
immediate solutions are especially designed to save programmers
 hundreds of hours of valuable time.

***MAKE Magazine Subscriptions
MAKE Magazine Subscriptions
The annual subscription price for four issues is $34.95. When you
subscribe with this link, you'll get a free issue--one plus four 
more for $34.95. So subscribe for yourself or friends with this
great offer for UG Members: five volumes for the cost of four.
Subscribe at:

***Craft Magazine Subscriptions
The annual subscription price for four issues is $34.95. When you
subscribe with this link, you'll get a free issue--the first one plus
four more for $34.95. So subscribe for yourself or friends with this
great offer for charter subscribers: five volumes for the cost of four.
Subscribe at:

Upcoming Events
***For more events, please see:

***Julieanne Kost ("Window Seat"), The May Gallery, St. Louis, MO
Julieanne Kost work will be on display until November 24.

***Julia Wilkinson ("The eBay Price Guide"),
29th Annual National Press Club Book Fair, Washington, D.C--November 15
No Starch author Julia Wilkinson will be among those showcasing their
work at the 29th Annual National Press Club Book Fair in Washington,
D.C. The event attracts hundreds of fans who enjoy browsing the
children’s books, cookbooks, photography books, Washington exposés,
histories, and best-selling fiction. Funds raised by the Book Fair will
benefit the Press Club’s Eric Friedheim Library & News Information
Center, a resource for journalists worldwide. The event opens to the
public at 6:00pm.

***Visit O'Reilly at OpenCON 2006, Venice, Italy--December 2-3
OpenCON is the first conference entirely dedicated to OpenBSD and
organized by OpenBEER, the Italian OpenBSD users group. Topics include
information security, secure programming, and anything related to
OpenBSD. Come and visit the O'Reilly booth where you will be able to
purchase our books at a discount.

***Stephen Johnson ("Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography"),
 Professional Image Editing Workshop, Pacifica, CA--December 2-5
Photographer and author Stephen Johnson presents a four day workshop to
explore digital photographic editing. Hands-on help and demonstrations
of his use of editing tools with restraint and finesse will benefit all
of your digital photography work.

***O'Reilly Digital Media Authors at Book Passage, Corte Madera,
 CA--January 7 Ask the experts. Leading digital photographers and
 authors, Mikkel Aaland, Stephen Johnson, Ken Milburn, and Derrick
 Story will be around to answer all your digital photography questions.

***Julieanne Kost ("Window Seat") Project: Photoshop Lightroom School
 Tour Author Julieanne Kost will provide students with an in-depth
 seminar on using Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Adobe Lightroom beta,
 highlighting their combined support for a digital workflow. For a
 complete list of cities and dates, go to:

***Peter Krogh ("The DAM Book"), ASMP/It's Your Business Event Series  
Author Peter Krogh will be teaching the "Get Your DAM Stuff Together"
track for ASMP's "It's Your Business" Series. For a complete list of
cities and dates, go to:

***Eddie Tapp ("Photoshop Workflow Setups") Pro Tips Tour
Author Eddie Tapp will teach you the complete digital workflow from
capture to final output. During this seminar, Monte Zucker and Eddie
Tapp cover concept to completion--posing, pixels, Photoshop, and
printing--everything needed to create beautiful digital photographic
portraits. For a complete list of cities and dates, go to:

Conference News
***Registration is now open for the 2007 Emerging Telephony Conference
Explore the strategies for taming disruption and exploit opportunities
being created by web telephony innovations.

Use code "etel07usrg" when you register, and receive 15% off
the early registration price.

To register for the conference, go to:

***Speak at RailsConf
O'Reilly Media and Ruby Central are seeking leaders for RailsConf
sessions and tutorials. Are you a hacker, Rubyist, trainer, web
developer, and/or entrepreneur with something to share? If so, submit a

News From O'Reilly & Beyond
General News
You Choose: PDF or Print

The following O'Reilly titles are now available in print or PDF:

-ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook

-Ajax Hacks <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/ajaxhks/>

-CSS Cookbook <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/cssckbk2/>

-DNS and BIND <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/dns5/>

-HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide

-Google Hacks <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/googlehks3/>

-MCSE Core Elective Exams in a Nutshell

-Ubuntu Hacks <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/ubuntuhks/>

-Visual Basic 2005 Cookbook

-Visual Basic 2005 in a Nutshell

-Web Design in a Nutshell <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/wdnut3/>

***Web 2.0 Summit 2006 Media Coverage
Read all the announcements, articles, blogs, photos, and podcasts
made at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

***Call Yourself a Programmer?
Announcing the O'Reilly Code Quiz, a curiously addictive game that'll
stress test your coding knowledge. Brought to you by O'Reilly Labs,
where all good things begin as zeros and ones.

***User Group Members Receive a Special 30% Discount on
O'Reilly Learning Courses
As an O'Reilly User Group member, you save on all the courses in
the following University of Illinois Certificate Series:
-Linux/Unix System Administration
-Web Programming
-Open Source Programming
-.NET Programming

To redeem, use Promotion Code "ORALL1," good for a 30% discount,
in Step #3 of the enrollment process. Each course comes with a free
O'Reilly book and a 7-day money-back guarantee. Register online:

***Work for O'Reilly
We have immediate openings for the following:
-Conferences Communications Associate
-Conferences Sales Associate
-Interactive Marketing Manager (Safari Books Online)
-Mac Systems Administrator
-Marketing Programs Manager (Safari Books Online)
-Publicist, Conferences
-Sales Manager, Conferences
-Senior Software Engineer (Java/Perl/MySQL/Linux/XML/Web Services)
-Sr. Systems Administrator
-Sr. Web Developer (Linux/Apache/MySql/Perl and Open Source)
-Sr. Web Producer

For more information and more job openings, go to:

Open Source
***Getting Started with WSGI
Python 2.5 added support for the WSGI standard. This is a specification
for web programming that allows interoperability between frameworks and
components. It's also terribly easy to use. Jason Briggs introduces
 WSGI and gives the background you need to use it productively.

***Open Tools for MySQL Administrators
The MySQL distribution provides several tools for database developers
and administrators, but they don't always work everywhere. Fortunately,
the worldwide MySQL community has produced plenty of useful tools.
 Baron Schwartz surveys the possibilities and offers suggestions for
 what you should use.

***Developing High Performance Asynchronous IO Applications
When concurrency and latency are your bottlenecks, synchronous IO is a
problem--even in a multithreaded or multiprocess model. This is
especially evident when dealing with high volumes of incoming mail,
especially if much of it is spam. Stas Bekman and his team at
MailChannels recently built a scalable, modern, event-based system for
asynchronous IO. Here's how they did it.

Digital Media
***Inside Aperture--Community for Serious Photographers
Our Inside Aperture site draws upon community expertise to
provide you with tips and real-life experiences from professional
shooters who use Apple's premier photo management application to
organize, edit, and output their images. This site features weblogs,
articles, podcasts, and tutorials—-all focused to help you improve your
digital photography workflow.

***Top Ten Aperture Features
Apple's ground-breaking, workflow tool for professional photographers
has caused quite a stir in the imaging community. After working with
Aperture for a year, I've decided that although it's not perfect, it
 has some incredible and exciting features that photographers can
 really use.

***Winners of the Photoshop Cook-Off Contest announced at PhotoPlus
 Expo 2006 Grand Prize Winner Suzanne Pitts and ten additional winners
 in five categories were selected from hundreds of submissions created
 by Photoshop aficionados. Entrants excitedly responded to the
 opportunity to "cook" their digital entries using "recipes" from any
 of five O'Reilly Cookbooks. Pitts, the grand prizewinner, received a
 prize package worth more than $9,600, including a digital camera and
 printer. The five category winners were awarded packages worth more
 than $3,000 each. The total value of sponsors' prizes exceeds $27,000.
 Cook-Off Sponsors included Adobe, iStockPhoto, Lowepro, and Epson.
 Learn more about all the winners here,

***Making a Smooth Move from .Mac to Google
Matthew Russell presents a practical approach for a smooth move from
.Mac to a Google-centric web experience. Getting your email, address
book, calendar, online storage, online photos, and blog squared away
 are all covered in this detailed transition plan.

***Text Tricks and More Text Tricks
We've covered text editors here before. We know, from various posts at
the Mac DevCenter blog, that our readers are often as fanatical about
using plain text as we are. Tips on using your editor of choice are
 easy to find, but we thought it would be fun to gather a whole bunch
 of them together for the first time; not only to spread the word, but
 to invite our readers to add their own tips and time-savers. We've
 also asked a handful of Mac users to contribute their own favorite
 text tricks.

***Creating Visual Studio Project Templates
Visual Studio 2005 offers a great tool for those who create largely
identical projects--custom project and item templates--that automates
project creation and eliminates the need to add the same references,
project items, or even largely identical code to new projects. Ron
Petrusha shows you how.

***Top 10 Tips for Using Windows PowerShell
PowerShell is Microsoft's newest replacement for the command line, and
it's far more powerful than any command-line prompt Microsoft has given
us before. Starting to learn it, unfortunately, can be a bit
overwhelming. Jeff Cogswell offers his top 10 tips for getting the most
out of it.

***Advanced Java Content Repository API
First presented in "What Is Java Content Repository," JSR-170 offers a
standard means for content management systems to present their
persistent data stores to Java applications. In this article, Sunil
Patil explores some of JCR's optional features--namely, the very useful
concepts of versioning and observability.

***Scaling Enterprise Java on 64-bit Multi-Core X86-Based Servers
Today's enterprise server--indeed, the environment--isn't what it was
when Java was born. Slow networked machines have been replaced by fast,
64-bit multi-core servers that can house all your tiers in one box or
even virtualize servers within the server. This has a significant
 effect on the design and deployment of your Java enterprise
 application, and Michael Yuan and Dave Jaffe show you how to get the
 most out of your hardware.

Sys Admin/Web
***Demystifying LDAP Data
Is LDAP a database or a protocol? Is it understandable and deployable
without reading a thousand pages of explanation and documentation?
 Brian Jones explains LDAP schemas and the layout of data to help you
 understand what you can store and how you can retrieve it.

***OpenBSD 4.0: Pufferix's Adventures
On October 18th, OpenBSD celebrated its 11th birthday. Now it's time
 for the release of OpenBSD 4.0. To celebrate both milestones, Federico
 Biancuzzi interviewed over 20 developers to discuss the new features
 of this release and the continual work to get hardware specifications
 from vendors.

***Ken Milburn Unplugged
Take a listen. The author of Digital Photography Expert Techniques,
Second Edition knew Dan Rather in college, started his career taking
publicity photos of Hollywood starlets, and shot album covers for
Capitol Records. Ken talks to O'Reilly staffer Sara Peyton about his
career, tips and tricks, and creating the wow factor. (16 minutes 25

******Deke McClelland on Software
O'Reilly author Deke McClelland talks to Mac Edition Radio's Harris
Fogel about his series of bestselling One-on-One books and Photoshop

***MAKE Podcast: Colin Berry
Colin Berry reads "Spinout," the touching story he wrote for MAKE,
 Volume 07, about his brother's efforts to build and race a car in the
 soap box derby in Longmont, Colo. Unfortunately, he was up against
 more than just his own bad luck.

***Django Jumpstart: Build a To-Do List in 30 Minutes
Django started life at a newspaper whose staff needed to develop
full-featured web applications to meet newsroom deadlines. The result?
One speedy framework! In this hands-on tutorial, James helps us build a
handy to-do list manager in just 30 minutes--perfect for your next

***Bullet Proof HTML: 37 Steps to Perfect Markup
So, you want to code your own HTML? Perhaps you just want to polish
 your skills, or have a few nagging questions answered. In this
 comprehensive FAQ, Tommy gives you all the information you'll need to
 understand the science--and practice the art--of HTML.

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