[Pdx-pm] Webmail solutions

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at acm.org
Tue Oct 18 07:37:41 PDT 2005

This will be a duplicate for many of you.  Sorry.  My fingers on the 
mouse clicked faster than my mind and I sent this to PLUG.  So now to 
the _correct_ list.

A few months ( or years ) ago I asked about "perl" coded solutions for 
several common tasks.  I can't remember if it was here or PLUG.  I'm out 
again this time looking for a webmail solution that is coded in Perl. 
I've only found two that come close to nailing our needs.

Acmemail/sparkle is one but it hasn't seen any changes on sourceforge in 
3-1/2 years.  The listed lead developer/programmer doesn't even make any 
reference to it on his personal site.  My guess is it is dead project.

The other is CaMail.  A little newer but the last release was a little 
over two years ago -- v 0.2.1 I think.  CaMail also has the advantages 
of working with IMAP and SMTP servers on other systems and ... the 
interface is done using Template-toolkit -- a big plus to me.

Is anyone familiar enough with either of these so say if I should put 
effort into installing and ( possibly internally ) maintaining them?  Or 
if there are other webmail solutions I didn't find via google.com or cpan?


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