[Pdx-pm] Perl Hacks and Productivity Tips

Andrew Savige ajsavige at yahoo.com.au
Wed Oct 12 16:01:29 PDT 2005

--- chromatic wrote:
> If you use locked hashes (see Scalar::Util), you gain that back.

Are you referring to the lock_keys(), lock_value(), lock_hash() functions
in Hash::Util?

These look very nice to me. However, Damian's PBP Chapter 15 offers the
guideline: "Don't use restricted hashes". In support of this he states:

   "like the now-deprecated pseudohashes, restricted hashes still offer
    only voluntary security. The Hash::Util module also provides
    unlock_keys(), unlock_value() and unlock_hash() subroutines, with
    which all that pesky consistency checking and annoying attribute
    encapsulation can be instantly circumvented."

This guideline was offered in the context of providing full encapsulation
for objects.


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