[Pdx-pm] Lightning Talks; Vacation

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Fri Sep 19 13:32:02 CDT 2003

Wed 10 Sep 2003 is the next PDX.pm Lightning Talks.

Talk about anything Perl-related for 5 minutes. You, yes you; I'm
talking to you! If you've never spoken before, consider this an
excellent opportunity to bolster the resumé, to learn how to talk in
front of a crowd, to show and tell, to entertain your Portland
compatriots, to bring up a Perl problem that irritates you, to
demonstrate a witty solution to a frustrating problem, to discuss your
favorite CPAN modules, to rant about the idiocy of
$PERL_FEATURE_NOT_BUG, to talk about your favorite book, to show off
your latest evil, evil perl hack, to...

...there are so many things you can talk about. Give it a shot.

We have gone down from 3 talks to 2, please add to the list:


# Vacation

In other news, after this weekend, I leave for a two week trip to Peru,
returning the night before the next meeting. Todd Caine will take the
reigns in my stead. If you have any questions about your talk or anything
PDX.pm-related, drop Todd an email at tcaine at eli.net .


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